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GET HYPE: Ranking Missouri hype videos

The release of the latest #MizzouMade video got me thinking: which Mizzou hype video is the hypest of the hype?

Cry it out, Gary.
Jack Peglow

Last Wednesday, Mizzou Network unveiled the latest in their series of videos promoting the upcoming football season, in which Gary Pinkel does his best Coach Taylor impression. It's the sort of video that can convince you to dive head-first into a pool of sharks armed with nothing but your fists and your guile. Mizzou Network and the Athletic Department itself have published many videos of this nature in the past. From stadium introductions to season ticket advertisements. As Tiger fans, we should appreciate such quality moving picture content. As denizens of the internet, WE MUST RANK THEM.

The contestants

#MizzouMade: Gary Pinkel on the Mizzou Family

Mizzou Basketball 2014 Hype Video

2014 Mizzou Football Intro Video


Kim Anderson Mizzou Basketball Season Ticket Commercial

Mizzou classic commercial: Wake Up the Echoes

2013 Mizzou Football Intro Video

Mizzou Basketball vs. Kansas 2012 Intro Video

Mizzou Football: We Made it Happen