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Mizzou Offers top 5-star '17 PG

Trevon Duval is one of the top Point Guards available in 2017 and Mizzou offered him. Ambitious.

I think I'm going to start doing more recruiting quick hitters like this. The big updates are fun, but this way we can stay on top of things a little bit more. I don't know, we'll see how this goes. And don't worry, I'll still keep the Recruiting Hot Board up to date, but that is going to be the ongoing look instead of the quick hitter.

Mizzou offered somebody new in the 2017 class.

Trevon Duval, 6-3, 180 lb, 5-star Point Guard, St. Benedicts, Newark, NJ

The Lowdown: Duval is a big time player. It's interesting that Mizzou is jumping in considering his offer list: Cal, Cincinnati, UConn, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Miami, NC State, Oregon, Penn St, Pitt, Rutgers, Seton Hall, SMU, St. Johns, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Villanova and Virginia Tech. He doesn't fit into what Mizzou has stated their looking for other than he's a great player. He's not regional, he's doesn't appear to have many ties to Mizzou or Missouri. It's clear that he's one of the best point guards available, and Mizzou is certainly looking for a point guard in this class, it would appear up front that this is little more than a "feeler" offer.

With the 2017 class an important one, and one of the best players in the class residing in your home gym for half of his free time, it looks like Mizzou is employing the approach of "Hey, come play with Michael Porter, Jr for a year" and see how far that goes. It could help them land Trae Young, it could help them with Jeremiah Tilmon. Either way, they're being awfully ambitious with this offer. Landing somebody like Duval would be a coup in of itself, regardless of Porter or Young or Tilmon or Bamba or whoever else they've offered at this point.