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Missouri offers four-star 2016 shooting guard Kameron McGusty

Kameron McGusty is one of the top wings in the country, and the Tigers are trying to get into the mix for him.

UPDATE 7/20/2015:

Kameron McGusty committed to Oklahoma today, so disregard everything below.

These things always seem to happen on Sundays for some reason, but here we are again. Well, actually, this news snuck out a few days ago and I missed it. I'M NOT PERFECT PEOPLE.

This time it's a bit of a new 2016 target, a highly rated wing from Texas named Kameron McGusty. At this point in the game, Missouri has two scholarships available (if they do not fill the scholarship vacated by Montaque Gill-Caesar). All along the Tigers coaching staff has been looking to take on three signees in the 2016 class. Their top priority is a post, followed by a wing, followed by another post. McGusty would be the highest ranked wing that MIzzou has offered to this point.

Kameron McGusty, 6-5, 170 lb, 4-star SG, Seven Lakes, Katy, TX

The Lowdown: McGusty is one of the elite wings in the 2016 class, ranked #36 by rivals and 48th by 247sports. So the Mizzou offer is interesting from a standpoint that it seems like a bit of a reach, especially when the likes of Oklahoma, Louisville and UConn at the top of his list, but in recent interviews McGusty has spoken highly of his interactions with the Mizzou staff and his connection with Coach Fulford.

As a player, McGusty has all the tools of a high-level shooting guard. He's got a great outside shot and can attack off the dribble and set himself up for easy baskets. He's a good athlete but at this stage is in need of adding weight to better compete at the next level. His offensive skills should be enough to overcome the weight differential early on.

McGusty also fields offers from Florida, Auburn, Indiana, Texas, Texas A&M and Wake Forest amongst others. He seems most connected to Oklahoma at this point having already visited unofficially a few times, and the Crystal Ball

So it remains to be seen if the Tigers will be able to get McGusty to campus and stay in contention for his services, but if the indicators are right at this point, it would appear that Mizzou has a shot. A lot of early playing time certainly can't hurt.

You can stay up to date with the...

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Mizzou Hoops Recruiting Header 15

Mizzou 2016 Recruiting Hot Board
Player State Rating Rivals 247Sports Ht Wt Offer Status
Bryce Aiken NJ 130 123 6'0 160 cool
Curtis Jones VA 55 34 6'3 170 ✔︎ ⬇︎ warm ⬇︎
(Update 6/16/15) Updated Rivals Ranking
(Update 5/13/15) Downgraded STATUS due to UNC 247sports report that left off Mizzou
Eric Hester FL 60 86 6'3 175 ✔︎ warm
(Update 6/16/15) Updated Rivals Ranking
Xavier Sneed MO 80 156 6'5 180 ✔︎ ⬆︎ hot ⬆︎
Kameron McGusty TX 36 49 6'5 180 ✔︎ cool
(Update 7/19/15) Added Mizzou Scholarship offer
Willie Jackson OH - - 6'6 215 ✔︎ cool
(Update 7/12/15) Added Mizzou Scholarship offer
Braxton Blackwell TN 34 20 6'7 205 ✔︎ cool
(Update 6/16/15) Updated Rivals Ranking
Tyler Cook MO 79 71 6'8 240 ✔︎ hot
James Banks GA 100 48 6'10 230 ✔︎ warm
Gorjok Gak FL - 197 6'10 205
(Update 7/19/15) Mizzou interest picking up
Tony Bradley FL 36 32 6'10 235 ✔︎ ⬇︎ cool ⬇︎
(Update 6/12/15) Mizzou offered scholarship
(Update 6/16/2015) Slid up the board with offer
(7/12/15) Changed to Cool after hearing no chatter re Bradley & Mizzou since offer
Reed Nikko MN - - - 6'9 210 ✔︎ cool
Jeriah Horne MO - - - 6'6 220 cool
Kobi Simmons GA 12 16 6'5 175 ✔︎ Out of top schools
C.J. Walker IN 148 137 6'0 180 ✔︎ Committed to Florida St
Jamal Murray INT 15 9 6'4 180 ✔︎ Committed to Kentucky
Zeke Moore MO - - - 6'6 175 Committed to SLU
Jayson Tatum MO 3 4 6'8 205 ✔︎ Out of top 4
Miles Bridges MI 27 40 6'6 225 ✔︎ Out of top 5
Joshua Langford AL 17 15 6'6 200 ✔︎ Committed to Michigan St
Kyle Guy IN 59 62 6'2 165 ✔︎ Committed to Virginia
Troy Baxter FL 127 84 6'9 180 ✔︎ Committed to S. Florida
Nolan Narain IN 63 68 6'9 230 ✔︎ Committed to San Diego St
Joey Brunk IN 138 150 6'10 230 ✔︎ Committed to Butler
Nick Ward OH 69 68 6'9 230 ✔︎ Committed to Michigan St
Barrett Benson IL 89 96 6'9 245 Committed to Northwestern