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Early SEC preseason basketball power poll has Mizzou Hoops ... well, last

Expect nothing, take... well maybe a little more than nothing.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Well before the preseason basketball stuff starts to leak out, Jon Rothstein started doing little tweet previews of each major conference, and today it was the SEC.

This first tweet was followed by several others that included a preseason 1st team (no Mizzou players), preseason player of the year (not a Mizzou player), a sleeper team (not Mizzou), 15 impact freshmen (no Mizzou players), 5 under the radar freshmen (no Mizzou players), 5 impact transfers (no Mizzou players), 5 under the radar transfers (no Mizzou players), 5 breakout players (no Mizzou players). Hmmm, I sense a theme.

One thing that you will all have to get used to is very low expectations for this Mizzou team. Even though the goodwill summer tour is still largely in effect, the reality is still a rough one. Missouri has one of their top 4 scorers returning from a 9-23 team last year. Their lone senior has never averaged more than 5 points per game. Their top two recruits from the last two classes have packed up and transferred, and what is left is largely unheralded.

I personally think that Terrence Phillips has a good chance to be an impact freshmen. And there are probably a few guys that have a chance to be breakout players, Namon Wright and Jakeenan Gant are big ones for me, maybe Wes Clark too (but I think Clark was breaking out a bit last year). But none of that will matter if Mizzou doesn't win games this season. You don't get players onto post season All Conference teams when you're last in the conference.

This may be the roster than Kim Anderson wants to march forward with, but it's not one that is going to garner much respect from the media, unless they actually start beating some good teams.