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Mizzou Hoops Offers Ryan Kriener, 2016 PF

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The Mizzou Tigers latest offer went out to an unheralded post-player from Iowa, Ryan Kriener. Kriener plays for Martin brothers AAU team out of Waterloo, IA. Apparently Kriener showed the Tigers coaching staff enough top pick up an offer. This feels a little more like the Reed Nikko offer, getting in early on a guy who has rising stock and doesn't have a ton of high major looks, but could project as a solid high major player.

If we know one thing about the upcoming class it's that Mizzou wants to land a big. So they're keeping their options open, and Kriener looks more like an option than a priority. Wichita State and Mizzou are his first offers from what many would consider high majors (despite playing in the MVC, WSU is a HM). With other offers like Northern Iowa (which if you didn't know is pretty good themselves and probably just outside of the place where WSU is), DePaul, Green Bay, and interest from both Iowa state schools, Nebraska, Ole Miss and Providence, it makes sense if Mizzou wants to stay on the radar to get the offer in now.

Ryan Kriener, 6-9, 240 lb NR PF, Spirit Lake, New Hampton, IA

The Lowdown: Kriener isn't going to wow you with athleticism, but he has good size, good feet and soft hands. He already has a body type and level of athleticism that one might compare to Ryan Rosburg, but he's got a better shooting touch from around 15 feet and in, and could be a nice high post option, as well as a nice finishing ability with either hand around the rim.

Looking at the hot board, we are still keeping the eyes on 3 scholarships given out, with two posts and a wing being the priorities. If Mizzou only gives out two (which is how many they currently have), a Post player is the top priority, followed by a wing.

Here's a vimeo video also: Link

Mizzou 2016 Recruiting Hot Board
Player State Rating Rivals 247Sports Ht Wt Offer Status
Bryce Aiken NJ 130 123 6'0 160 cool
Curtis Jones VA 55 34 6'3 170 ✔︎ warm
Eric Hester FL 60 86 6'3 175 ✔︎ warm
Xavier Sneed MO 80 156 6'5 180 ✔︎ hot
Willie Jackson OH - - 6'6 215 ✔︎ cool
Tyler Cook MO 79 71 6'8 240 ✔︎ hot
Gorjok Gak FL - 197 6'10 205
James Banks GA 100 48 6'10 230 ✔︎ warm
Ryan Kriener IA - - - 6'9 240 ✔︎ cool
Reed Nikko MN - - 6'9 210 ✔︎ cool
Jeriah Horne MO - - - 6'7 220 cool
Tony Bradley FL 36 32 6'10 235 ✔︎ cool