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SEC Rivalry Check: Missouri fans rate Georgia the highest after 3 years

Last Sunday, I asked you to rate SEC 'rivals' based on three criteria: Moments (1-10), Fans (1-5), and Intangibles (1-5). Here are the results.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

So there are basically four tiers here, each with 3-4 teams. And it's probably not a coincidence that Mizzou has had either really important wins or frustrating home losses (or both) to each of the teams in the top tier.

School Moments Fans Intangibles Total
Georgia 7.50 3.65 3.75 14.90
South Carolina 7.98 3.29 3.38 14.66
Texas A&M 7.45 3.55 3.58 14.57
Tennessee 6.35 3.54 3.16 13.05
Arkansas 6.56 3.08 3.40 13.04
Florida 6.48 3.12 3.01 12.61
Ole Miss 5.24 3.00 2.63 10.87
Alabama 4.50 3.16 2.99 10.64
Auburn 5.08 2.77 2.55 10.40
Kentucky 3.86 2.38 2.13 8.37
Vanderbilt 3.34 2.17 1.91 7.41
Mississippi State 3.04 1.98 1.82 6.85
LSU 2.54 2.04 1.86 6.45

So as you can see from comments below, football ruled this list. Georgia appears to be No. 1 mostly because of two home losses and Grown Man Football, and South Carolina seems to have surged to No. 2 because of Mizzou's 2014 comeback in Columbia East. Meanwhile, some frustrating losses to LSU in basketball haven't even moved the meter. I guess that's to be expected.

And here are some comments:

1. Georgia

"Grown man football"

1-2 against them since joining the SEC. Away team has won every game.

1. richt nearly became coach at MU, win for MU getting Pinkel 2. 2012 when our oline was decimated they said it was a next man up league and we wouldnt compete. 3 we they decimated with injuries in 2013 they and florida wanted to use that as an excuse for losing to MU, is it a next man up league or not? 4 the talent they have in their back yard compared to us and how they will always have a higher rated class yet probably wont have as much success

Can't wait to go to Athens and get the "jeans" look when I go out. Idiots.

Every football game. Old Man Football, Sasser to Washington, Collapse in Columbia

Great fans. Loved beating them in Athens.

I like UGA. Their fans have seemed the best and their coach and program have a certain demeanor and class. Hopefully we can knock them off this year and even the score - and if this continues, they could become a great rivalry.

If you want to be the best you have to beat the best

Maybe I'll hate them someday, but so far away from that now, even if we compete hard. -Mac6

not Kansas

So we're due for a win in Athens this year, right? RIGHT?

Strong team and mizzou's biggest game as will come to the wire on who wins the east with these two teams

The football game this year wasn't great but I still haven't meet a Georgia fan who wasn't nice

The two best programs in the East. Their fans online seem cool. IRL not so much. But, I have less F2F exposure than I used to.

Their fans flipped me off at the game.. Not a big fan.

they are a very good consustent team that we must do better against

They are the Nebraska of the SEC East: Really polite, as long as you aren't competitive with them. #KnowYourPlace

This may build over time. They feel like Colorado of late eighties early nineties

Two good games and one bad. good realistic and intelligent fans

ugly football loss...bad moment

We knocked out of the SEC championship twice, their fans were the most critical towards us from the beginning.

While compete for division title

2. South Carolina

Battle of Columbia forever

Battle of Columbia! Last two years have been great games,

Crazy comebacks rule

Fans were really nice at the game and fed us lots of booze. The football games have been epic so far!

I hope the HBC is there for 500 years. He's just too stinking funny. I can't hate them because Steve makes me laugh too much.

Last few years have been great match ups. Broke our hearts when we hit the upright in OT but overcame that and won the east anyways. Don't think they like MU fans so much and makes a good rivalry

Mayor's Cup helps, but its a football only rivalry.

Murderball and the Ol' Ball Coach. What happens if they aren't around? -Mac6

not Kansas

our second best rivlary. only imminent retirement of the head ball coach makes it uncertain in the future.

Probably best rivalry on the field. most intense games. biggest 'rival' so far in SEC for me

Sandstorm isn't just an awful Pokemon move; it's a bad song. Nothing to do with football, just wanted you to know.

Should be 2-1. Stupid goalpost

The comeback no one saw coming '14

The last two games have been classics.

The Ol Ball Coach seems to be on his last leg. Hopefully we can help put the nails in his coffin.

thorn in side

We have played our biggest games against SCAR

3. Texas A&M

Caling my shot, the one season where Texas A&M and Mizzou don't play in the regular season; they meet in the SEC Championship game.

Carry over hate, Faurot South, Frank the Tank, Lucas back corner, Saying goodbye to Manziel in CoMo, inexplicable losing streak in bball

Ehh. good moments, but not significant moments from a rivalry standpoint.

Fanbase is a good one, but never really developed into a rivalry despite all of our exposure. Glad we owned them. Glad we have a break.

Hate them and their stupid dog.

Having a heisman qb is a huge deal but always underachievied as a team

I hate them, but I do respect them for leaving a conference after Texas ruined it.

Im kind of sad that we are being forced to abandon Memorial stadium south now that the expansion is done..

No Manziel. No problem.

Not bad, as long as their QB isn't winning a Heisman. -Mac6

not Kansas

Old Big 12 rival and host of Columbia South.

Old rivalry from Big 12 and major recruiting in Texas

Some great moments, but this was never a real rivalry and it will fade into "other division"-ness

They are the flash to our substance. They get all thr accolades and recruits but we beat them almost every year. i hope we can reopen that Texas recruiting pipeline. Looks like we may be starting to this year.

We played 3 straight road games in two different conferences against these howdys and are taking players out their backyard here in Houston

Wish we still played them annually

4. Tennessee

3-0. Hate hearing Rocky Top.

Again, fans are jerks. Football Game was pretty intense going into the 4th quarter.

Alabama of the East

I am surprised to learn how annoying these fans are. But I'm quickly getting up to speed on who they are. Boiled peanut eating recruiting overrated losers.

I don't consider this a rivalry considering Tennessee fans are probably thanking us for getting Dooley fired. You're Welcome.

Moments: 4OT win was about the only highlight of the 2012 season. Their fans have pretty much rubbed everyone the wrong way, having a special mix of entitlement and delusion. Their focus on recruiting stars has obviously become a meme of great hilarity for us here at RMN. Hopefully we keep the streak alive even with our 2 and 3 star brigade (now with some 4 stars sprinkled in).

Not Kansas

OT victory at Tennessee

Other than our 1st meeting with them we've pretty much owned the Vols. I can't stand their fans. Depsikte being 3-0 against them, Vol fans still snub their nose at Mizzou.

Overrated in preseason polls and never show any signs of a solid program as of now

Rivalry may grow if UT becomes a contender on the field

Tennesee fans are the most delusional and retarded fans I have ever encountered. Ever. Bar none.

Tennessee fans are the most delusional in the SEC, and that is saying something.

Tennessee fans/bloggers are the WORST!!! Worst, I tell you!

These guys are the WORST

These guys take the Nubs place in my heart. can't stand them

they are alo like Nebraska too me. An arrogant fan base that i love us to beat. they are ourbest rival.

They have risen quickly. The new Nubs. -Mac6

Tough games each year

turn down for.. shut the hell up.

What's there to say... their fans have been pretty unbearable from what I've seen and we've kicked their ass in football the last few years.

5. Arkansas

A natural fit. No pun intended.

Ar-KANSAS c'mon people


Basketball lose to Suitcase Mike in Columbia, Winning football to win the East

Border, personal connections.

Common border and Nolan Ryan kicking Norm's teams ark nd

Damn Ridge Runners

Did not Frank Broyles leave Missouri after one year because the academic standards were too high?

Fans are delusional

Fans are jerks and winning the sec as the underdog to an inferior team is always a rivalry builder.

Football game this year was awesome

Hogs have work to do

I hate them, but I do respect them for leaving a conference after Texas ruined it.

incredible comeback football win

kAnsas is in their name. Enough said

Live in NWA and the radio, TV people remind me of Nubs. Message board fans are HUGE trolls.

Mike Anderson's abandonment of Mizzou still rankles and those first few basketball games got things off to a good start.

No meaningful games to date

No strong feelings for Ark in any manner.

not Kansas

Still don't have a ton of great moments with them but I don't like their fans. Or kansas being in their state name

The only Hog fans I know are friends, so no bad experiences.

The SEC east clinching win was something special. I see Arkansas becoming our clear no 1 rival in a decade or so, but right now i have had no problems with they're fans... Tennessee on the other hand.

This will be THE rivalry. Most here are too young to remember. But their fanbase is cray cray and you all will soon see (I'm kinda a fan of their bball team). -Mac6

Wes Clack missed free throws, clinching the East with a mammoth play from Golden

Whiners - they blame officials for their losses

Winning the SEC East title again by beating a red-hot Arky team definitely kicked off the new rivalry. Arky fans are a special breed, smack talking their way through the collapse that they just endured. To hear it from them, we still don't belong in the SEC and they will be eating our lunch soon enough. So, not too different than Vols fans.

6. Florida

All sports (football, basketball, softball) has got it all. Competitiveness, equal amounts of victories, fan volatility. one of the best so far.

Are we even on their radar?

Great atmosphere and tough place to play. This program is on the up and up.

Great storied program. I only gave their fans a 3 because of Spencer at EDSBS.

In the words of Joe Tessitore, "You've got to be kidding me" = 42-0 lead in the swamp

Last years Florida game was a ton of fun, but they weren't really any good.

No real feelings for Florida either way

Not competitive.

not Kansas

Right over left. Wish Will was still there.

TD's of the irregular variety '14, Franklin can't complete a pass '12, DL destroys FL in Columbia '13

That chomp chomp chomp thing will come back to bite us one day. Maybe in 2037?

they are fun to beat almost every year. Remind me of Texas great talent, almost always underachieve and we get good recruits from there.

They hate the new bloods

They would be higher if they were half of what they were when it was Tebow Time.

Too aloof? UGA seems to hate them. -Mac6

7. Ole Miss

A rising program that recruits at a high level and has good fans. Talent development is holding them back.

Another overrated team that can't take care of business

Both our states name starts with M-I-S-S

Challenging Tennessee in the delusional department.

Great win going in there in 2013. Fans are pretty ridiculous but in almost a fun way.

I rated them high to see who well Bill can interpret satire.

I simply hate them.

not Kansas

People are super super nice

Seem like nice people... I guess

Stupid Marshall Henderson, Stupid Marshall Henderson, Footnote FB game on the way to absurd '13 campaign

The fanbase I am most disappointed in. I like Faulkner FFS. -Mac6

The Grove rocks. Football fans are great. Basketball fans are horrible.

Went to the grove in 2013 to see Mizzou get a W over the Rebs. Fans were a mixed bag of very polite, nice people and a lot of 40 year olds who still desperately wanted to be in college.


8. Alabama

Alabama fans are mostly idiots, but at least their team backs it up.

Alabama fans came to see what we were all about at the stinking Independence Bowl against North Carolina. Class move. Great folks (sorry, AlaTig)

Don't see us getting passed these boys

easy to hate those on their high horses.

i hate bama but they are alot better than us. i think the only way we get respect in this league is to beat them. they are the elite.

I live in Birmingham. Painful

Not competitive.

not Kansas

The percentage of Alabama fans who are the dregs of humanity is shockingly high. Just awful. I apologize to my friends who are more reasonable fans, but Bama fans suck.

They own us. Move on.

up an down loss

We haven't made it much of a rivalry.

Welcome to the SEC '12, Championship hopes dashed again '14


Yeah right. -Mac6

9. Auburn

Fun games between MU and auburn just could keep up with them. Great fan base with class

Good 2013 SEC Championship Game.

Gus Mahlzan is an underrated and innovative coach. They may supplant Alabama as the elite team sooner than people think.

Gus, that was really crappy beating us that year. Not. Cool.

I'm sure Will is sick of playing us.

Kinda like them? I dunno. -Mac6

No real feelings for Auburn either way

Not competitive.

not Kansas

Not much sports interaction

Run and gun championship fun, until there was no more time '13

The SEC title game was almost close enough to be a great SEC classic. Just hard to see it that way when they ran completely roughshod over our defense all day long.

Wife is an AU alum. Wrapped my car in toilet paper after SEC championship game. And, yes, they pushed Henry Josey into that golf cart.

10. Kentucky

an almost guarenteed win on the schedule in football.

Another Stoop to hate

Basketball lose at Kentucky '13, DGB scoring TD's at will '13

Can't wait for our basketball program to improve. I still think there's great potential here...just not yet.

Devin Booker get thrown!!

fans are annoying

How does one basketball?

I don't know any Kentucky fans

Just another game

No real feelings for Kentucky either way

Not competitive enough on field

not Kansas

Not much to comment on here except that Stoops seems to have them moving in the right direction. I'll always cherish the pic of their fans in stunned, jaw-dropped amazement while watching DGB mossing their DB.

They made DGB look tall.

We'd like to have a new kansas. But as much as we'd like, they aren't really it. -Mac6


11. Vanderbilt

Academic maybe

Beating the crap out of Vandy two years ago when they thought they were the shiz was wonderful.

By far the worst fans in the SEC. I actually had my son cursed out by 3 basketball players from Vandy just after the game in greek town. Vandy=Low Brow

Classy folk

Decent team no rivalry whatsoever

don't even have softball.

Good baseball! -Mac6

I mean, they're really smart?

Inexplicable loss '12

Nashville tho...

No real feelings for Vandy either way

Not a contender

not Kansas

The 2013 whooping we put on a pretty decent program was delicious revenge, but otherwise, they seemed to have quickly reverted to the dregs of the SEC

12. Mississippi State

Great year last season but don't believe they can keep it up

Have yet to meet their fanbase

Hopefully the upcoming football game will kickstart this series.

I don't care about them.

I fear that game on the Thursday night next fall.

I got nothing

Looking forward to this year's football game. Nothing happening here otherwise.

No moments yet, but really looking forward to that game at the Zou this year.

No real feelings for Miss st either way

No real history

not Kansas

SEC program most similar to us. Underrated, they are great at identifying lightly recruited talent and great at developing us. Their challenge is the same as ours. Can they recruit at a highenough level that their player development lets them be competetive?l

Still mostly unknown. -Mac6

This year's Thurs. showdown could fuel a bit of hatred?

13. LSU

Do we have any LSU moments? Either way, those folks are nuts. Not nuts like the Hogs; nuts in a way that you can respect.

Great program with lots of talent. horrible, delusioal fans. Underachieving big time right now.

Have yet to play them in football, have not yet encountered their fanbase

Haven't played.

Hey, they have a tiger mascot too. They do kick our ass in the mascot department by having an actual tiget at their games.

I don't know who this team is...

Know them by association. Really want to go to Baton Rouge for a game.

Maybe when Mizzou plays them in football. Despise them in softball.

No moments. Yet.

not Kansas

Not sure

of all sports-- hell of a good rivalry in softball. recent history helps.

Stupid basketball games

Who? Do we play them? -Mac6