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Connor McGovern is a strong man and a veteran, prepping to start at his 3rd position

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Connor McGovern (6'4, 300, Sr.)

2014: 10 starts (RG), 4 starts (RT)

2013: 14 starts (RG)

Fullback U: Connor McGovern has essentially locked up the job of left tackle through Mizzou's first scrimmage, and it doesn't sound like A.J. Ricker or Josh Henson have any concerns or notions of changing their minds. Initially, I was adamantly against this move, but as we've progressed through camp, I've begun to think it's a solid move and shores up the biggest weakness on the offensive line.

McGovern may struggle with speed rushers, but he'll never struggle against strong guys. If Mizzou runs as much as we expect them to, having him at left tackle will allow Mizzou to balance which side of the line they want to run toward.

The Beef: There seemed to be a decent bit of hand-wringing about McGovern and his ultimate position this fall. Gary Pinkel has been known to play the best five and work out the positions later, so I don’t know that where he starts is where he is going to finish. In fact, I imagine the only person cemented along the line both in name AND position is Evan Boehm.

That said, McGovern will at least start on the outside this year, even though a number of folks feel him to be better suited for the inside.

AlaTiger: Early camp returns show McGovern holding his own on the outside. I don’t think he’s moving anywhere. He is doing his part to keep the OL weird with his lifting videos.

jaeger: Connor McGovern is a big, strong man. I think he’ll do fine out on the left end.

Bill C.: Bruce Feldman's FREAKS list usually includes a Mizzou guy, and McGovern filled a spot this year.

22. Connor McGovern, Mizzou, LT: The son of a bodybuilder from North Dakota, McGovern tore a pec while trying to bench 515 earlier in his career at Mizzou. McGovern is 6-foot-4, 305 pounds, and squatted 690 pounds for five reps. He's done 40 reps on the bench with 225 pounds. He's vertical-jumped 34 inches and been timed in the 40 at 4.9. McGovern also can do 18 pull-ups despite weighing more than 300 pounds.

Only two starters remain from Mizzou's weird-as-hell 2013 line: Boehm and McGovern. Let's soak in the personality while we can. (Let's also soak in the fact that both Boehm and McGovern are damn good linemen.)

Give me a couple months and I will be the fat version of you @bradcastleberry #blurrlife #100s

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@mac464 and I thought we should mizzou it up a little with these new rings on the bead-locks

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