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Evan Boehm's post-2015 departure will leave a talent, leadership, and weirdness void

Luckily, the Tigers have him for one more year first.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Evan Boehm (6'3, 320, Sr.)

2014: 14 starts (C)

2013: 14 starts (C)

2012: 13 starts (LG)

The Beef: My, how the time flies. Evan Boehm continues to rocket up the list of most likable Tigers ever, and he has come to anchor two of the better lines we have seen in recent history. I continue to applaud how much Evan makes it about the team, but I am very hopeful he can parlay that mentality into personal accolades this season, as he very much deserves those as well.

In the meantime, I have already started to get sweaty thinking about how we will be replacing a three-year starter at center, so I do hope that Boehm does not play every down this season. It would be nice to get Alec Abeln (or whoever is coming to inherit this position) at least a few snaps before 2016 arrives.

switzy227: I love all the senior leadership on the line, and I look forward to a solid season for this group based on that. Boehm’s senior season should be special, as he further carves out a place as one of the Mizzou OL greats, someone who truly gave all to the team. Unless we see a dramatic shift in Maty Mauk’s style, these guys are going to have to remain athletic and physical to keep those lanes open not only for the QB scrambles, but also for the usual stable of solid running backs. They have been key two years in a row; let’s make it three.

jaeger: I think Boehm is probably the best center in the conference, but even if he’s not, he’s definitely the weirdest. I worry about what will happen when he graduates and the weird levels on our OL return to normal.

AlaTiger: Skilled and likable, Boehm might be able to keep the OL draft streak alive this year. More importantly, he is the undisputed leader of the offensive line. Figuring out how to keep his compatriots from jumping offsides would be a tremendous act of leadership. C’mon, Evan. Make it happen!

Fullback U: Evan Boehm is pretty great. A captain, a starter since his freshman year (at perhaps the most difficult position), a constant supporter of oft-embattled Maty Mauk, and a potential NFL draft pick (most likely at guard).

Bill C.: That pretty much sums it up. When Boehm leaves, Mizzou's offensive line will have a void in talent, leadership, and weirdness to fill. That's quite a bit.

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