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Mitch Hall is big, strong, experienced and a little bit glitchy at right guard

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Hall (6'5, 310, Sr.)

2014: 4 starts (RG)

Fullback U: Mitch Hall is a very large and strong guard who struggled last season with some penalties. That showed up again during Mizzou's first scrimmage. I think a version of Mitch Hall that stops committing false starts or holds would lock that position down and provide a very strong right side of the offensive line. He carries a passionate hate of all things Arkansas, so he's pretty cool.

The Beef: We do appear to be down from two Mitch Halls to one this year, so I guess that is something.

This Mitch Hall currently holds the starter spot at right guard, which is tough because that is where many Tiger fans would want to see Connor McGovern playing. The senior made four starts last year when McGovern was pushed to the outside on the right, and I feel like he did a fine job. With someone brand new at right tackle, Hall is going to need to be the experienced anchor on the right side (at least as the current depth chart reflects).

AlaTiger: Hall seems to have the right guard spot locked down, as the battle royale is happening at the other guard slot. The line seemed to be better with Connor McGovern at this spot last year, but that may have had more to do with how others were playing than with how Hall was playing.

Bill C.: Hall does seem to suffer more glitches than others, but it is certainly telling that the staff has basically given him one starting guard spot while having Taylor Chappell (last year's starting right tackle) and Brad McNulty (last year's starting left guard) fight it out for the other. Since the staff has long been high on the "best five start" idea, this tells you that Hall is probably higher on the list than either of those. And barring any sort of surprising late development, he will begin the season as Mizzou's starter there for the second straight year. The goal this time around: finishing the season as starter, too.