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Mizzou Hoops will only be on national TV a couple of times this year

The SEC and Mizzou released the Tigers' 2016 SEC Conference Schedule Wednesday night, completing Mizzou's 2015-2016 schedule in year two of the Kim Anderson era.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

A week after revealing one of the more difficult non-conference schedules in recent memory, Mizzou released their 2016 SEC schedule.

We'll get far more into the weeds of the schedule on a game by game basis as we get into the pre-season stuff, in the meantime let's look at some of the highlights and potential lowlights that come with this schedule.

Here's the schedule that was released by Mizzou's Twitter feed last night:

Here's the entire schedule so that you can adjust your life accordingly:

Date Opponent Time Location TV
November 6, 2015 Missouri-Western TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
November 13, 2015 Wofford * TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
November 15, 2015 Maryland Eastern-Shore * TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
November 17, 2015 Xavier TBD Cincinnati, OH TBD
November 23, 2015 Kansas State * 6:00 PM Sprint Center, KC MO ESPNU
November 24, 2015 UNC/Northwestern * TBD Sprint Center, KC MO TBD
December 1, 2015 Arkansas State TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
December 4, 2015 Northern Illinois TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
December 9, 2015 Omaha TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
December 13. 2015 Arizona TBD Tuscon, AZ TBD
December 19, 2015 North Carolina State TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
December 23, 2015 Illinois TBD Scottrade Center, STL, MO TBD
December 29, 2015 Arkansas-Pine Bluff TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
January 2, 2016 Savannah State TBD Mizzou Arena TBD
January 6, 2016 Georgia 6:00 PM Athens, GA SEC Network
January 9, 2016 Auburn 8:00 PM Mizzou Arena ESPN2
January 12, 2016 Arkansas 8:00 PM Mizzou Arena SEC Network
January 16, 2016 South Carolina 12:00 PM Columbia, SC SEC Network
January 20, 2016 Georgia 6:00 PM Mizzou Arena SEC Network
January 23, 2016 Texas A&M 3:00 PM College Station, TX SEC Network
January 27, 2016 Kentucky 8:00 PM Lexington, KY SEC Network
January 30, 2016 Mississippi State 7:30 PM Mizzou Arena SEC Network
February 3, 2016 Ole Miss 8:00 PM Mizzou Arena SEC Network
February 6, 2016 Alabama 2:00 PM Tuscaloosa, AL SEC Network
February 10, 2016 Vanderbilt 8:00 PM Nashville, TN SEC Network
February 13, 2016 Tennessee 2:00 PM Mizzou Arena SEC Network
February 16, 2016 South Carolina 6:00 PM Mizzou Arena SEC Network
February 20, 2016 Arkansas 6:30 PM Fayettville, AR SEC Network
February 23, 2016 Ole Miss 8:00 PM Oxford, MS SEC Network
February 27, 2016 Texas A&M 3:00 PM Mizzou Arena ESPNU
March 1, 2016 LSU 8:00 PM Baton Rouge, LA SEC Network
March 5, 2016 Florida 6:30 PM Mizzou Arena SEC Network
March 9 - 12, 2016 SEC Tournament TBD Nashville, TN TBD

* Part of the CBE Classic

Looking at the schedule here are my initial thoughts:

  • Mizzou plays only two nationally televised games, a home affair in the second game against Auburn on ESPN2 and another home game versus A&M in game 16 of the schedule on ESPNU. The rest of the games will be televised on the SECNetwork. I think we can assume that last year had a direct effect on where the eyeballs will be tuned this year. So, if you don't have the SEC Network, it looks like you won't be seeing much in the way of Mizzou basketball.
  • The Tigers play home & homes with Arkansas, Ole Miss and Texas A&M (our permanent home and home matchups) and two rotating home and homes with Georgia and South Carolina.  So of our 18 conference games 10 will be played against those five teams, who were a combined 52 - 38 last year in conference. A&M and South Carolina should be better, Georgia and Ole Miss should be about the same, Arkansas should take a step back, so not an easy slate.
  • There are no sections of the schedule that should lead to extended losing streaks (barring a year similar to this past year), which is another nice way this all shakes out.
  • For the casual Mizzou fan that's looking for a game to go, we've got Tennessee coming in on Saturday, February 13th (take that special someone to Mizzou Arena) and Florida closing out the conference schedule on Saturday, March 5th.
  • Mizzou only faces off with Kentucky once this season in Lexington, which could be a bit of a downer for the casual fan, and unfortunate that the team won't get a chance to get revenge after a likely loss. This is not really a complaint for me, but most casual fans love to get Florida and Kentucky at home which helps drive up attendance for teams that have more recent national success.
  • The schedule works out in that Mizzou doesn't have any Thursday/Saturday back to backs or Sunday/Tuesday back to backs, so we have a good balance for our Tigers to not get too worn out during the three month season.
  • A couple last points, there are only two 6:00 PM weeknight tip offs, with two 8:00 PM ones, so getting to Mizzou Arena should not be the difficulty many have claimed it to be in the past for weeknight games.
  • Last, there are some really quality weekend home games against Tennessee, Auburn, A&M and Florida.

All in all the schedule looks well balanced with some great home games against quality competition. The two games versus Ole Miss allow this new rivalry's fire to continue to be stoked, while the two games with Arkansas will hopefully continue to build the rivalry that was getting a bit fiery in the Frank Haith era. Also, we continue to be married to A&M as Big 12 expats, because I guess when your rivalries are only 4 years old, one that's almost 20 years old should count for something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

From a fan's point of view, there are no logistical reasons for Mizzou fans not to be attending theses games. The SEC has set Mizzou up well as it relates to good home games, with beneficial tip off times and a balanced schedule that should keep the casual fan interested. It's now up to them to show up.

What are your thoughts? Does this schedule excite you? What's bringing you down? And how do you see this season playing out?