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Who's Mizzou's fourth defensive tackle in the rotation?

Fullback U.

A.J. Logan (6'2, 300, So.)

Bill C.: Mizzou played four regular defensive tackles last year and occasionally rotated in a fifth. We know that Rickey Hatley, Josh Augusta, and Terry Beckner Jr. can make three-quarters of a pretty strong rotation ... but who takes the fourth spot? The first opportunity goes to Logan, a stout Rock Bridge prospect.

We've heard a lot about Logan's strength, but in terms of agility, knowledge of responsibilities, etc., it's hard to read where Logan stands at the moment. He might be in the rotation out of pure necessity, but can he earn the coaches' trust? If he can, he might be able to make sure the others stay fresher into the fourth quarter.

The Beef: Quite the opportunity for the third-year player from just down the road. With Harold Brantley out, Logan technically held the No. 1 DT spot coming into camp. Obviously, a lot of folks will be looking at others on the depth chart with a high level of interest, but the fact is that Logan is very likely going to play this year in some capacity, so having a good fall camp is important.

AlaTiger: It is important that Logan gets snaps because he is playing well rather than by default.

jaeger: If Logan holds on to the starting spot, I hope it’s because he’s playing well, not because the other guy can’t compete.

Fullback U: The hometown kid, Logan has barely seen the field and is being asked to step up in a big way to provide quality depth. AlaTiger is dead on when he says he needs to be playing because he’s doing well and not because of Mizzou’s lack of depth.

Early in camp, Logan was bumped ahead of Josh Augusta at the starting 1-technique NT. I read that was an effort to motivate Augusta, but Craig Kuligowski dismissed it as them "just moving guys around." During both scrimmages Logan saw a lot of time with the first team, so I think the future will involve a heavy rotation regardless who "starts."

Tyrell Jacobs (6'4, 260, Fr.)

The Beef: In my book, there's nothing wrong with getting a kid out of Louisiana, and that is what we have in Jacobs. A later addition to the recruiting class last year, he had a solid set of offers, which evidently included OU and Arkansas. Rivals had him as a defensive end, but it seems he will play on the inside for the Tigers. See you in a couple of years after the Gun Club gets a hold of you.

AlaTiger: Barring injury, I doubt a fifth tackle sees the field this year, which means the rotation will extend into garbage time.

Fullback U: Tyrell Jacobs has the potential to be a good tackle, and I think he could play if the coaches needed him to this year. He’s a hard worker, and I think he will respond very well to training in Pat Ivey’s Muscle Emporium ... but I think that means he’s a year off.

Bill C.: Endorsements don't come any higher than this.

Markus Golden tapping Tyrell Jacobs as next for #DLineZou

A video posted by DLINEZOU (@dlinezou) on

If Jacobs can develop into a 280- or 290-pounder while showing 80% of Markus Golden's motor, then he's going to be one hell of a defensive tackle by about 2017.

Josh Moore (6'5, 280, Fr.)

The Beef: Another late addition to the class with another strong set of offers (Ohio State, Auburn, Florida State, o name a few). I will be honest: while I had expected Moore (who Rivals had as a TE) to "move" to the defensive side, I did not expect to see him land on the interior of the defensive line. I suppose this means the coaches believe his body is suited for some additional growth, making it that much more unlikely we see or hear from Mr. Moore this season.

Fullback U: Josh Moore bulked up from playing tight end so he could move over to the defensive line and play for "D Line Zou." He has the frame to bulk up even more, and coaches have described him as having the speed of "a wide receiver or tight end" despite weighing 280 pounds. Like Tyrell Jacobs, I think he could develop into a great player for Mizzou … in a few years.

Bill C.: In a way, a couple of different types of pressure are on A.J. Logan right now. No. 1: he has an opportunity to see significant playing time if he's ready, and I'm sure he wants that. No. 2: he needs to be good enough that coaches don't have to consider tearing redshirts off of either Jacobs or Moore. Both are super-exciting athletes, but a year to focus in the weight room and develop -- get Jacobs up to 280-290, get Moore up to 300 -- would probably be the best use of their time. Regardless, Moore's potential athleticism and agility are exciting.