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Which Mizzou redshirt freshman linebacker can draw the most attention this fall?

Fullback U

Brandon Lee (6'2, 220, RSFr.)

The Beef: Well, a heck of an opportunity for Mr. Lee, as he started the camp as the No. 2 MLB behind Scherer. I think a lot of folks think Eric Beisel will overtake Lee for that spot, but I would have to assume the spot really is for Lee to lose.

Of course, as some of these guys of this size move out of their redshirt year and start to see the field, you do think about potential impact on special teams perhaps being greater than the one they may make positionally. Excited to see what Lee has to offer on both fronts.

Bill C.: With an entrenched top four at linebacker -- Kentrell Brothers, Michael Scherer, Donavin Newsom, Clarence Green -- it appears that a batch of young, exciting backups will have to wait patiently for their chance, but Beef makes a good point: Mizzou has a pretty significant history of young LBs dominating on special teams, then dominating on the field: Sean Weatherspoon, Kentrell Brothers, etc. So perhaps the battle for 2016 (and beyond) playing time begins with who's making the most noise on kick and punt coverage. Lee certainly seems to have the speed and instincts to thrive in that regard.

AlaTiger: Lee continues to hold down the second MLB spot, which says a lot about him considering how high many were on Beisel.

Fullback U: Currently listed as the #2 MLB behind Michael Scherer, Brandon Lee is yet another young linebacker pushing for playing time due to what the coaches call "physical and mental maturity". Brandon Lee may have to wait another year to see significant playing time but he already looks like a guy who can step right in if asked.

Roderick Winters (5'11, 225, RSFr.)

Fullback U: Roderick Winters suffered a Lisfranc fracture in his foot during fall camp and is likely out for the season. That won’t stop me from getting in a "Winters is coming" reference between now and next fall.

The Beef: This guy must be built like a mini-brick sh!t house.

AlaTiger: Heal up, Roderick, and get even brickier in the offseason.

Grant Jones (6'3, 225, RSFr.)

The Beef: No. 3 on the other side behind Clarence Green and Donavin Newsom, I do think Jones' measurables are interesting, and I continue to have a thought that LB might not be his final position before all is said and done

Fullback U: A local kid, a coach’s son, and a potentially good linebacker who I’ve seen make several plays during scrimmages. The concern early was his shoulder injuries he sustained in high school but I think he’s recovering well and has the potential be a starter in a few years.

Bill C.: I really want to take Doc Brown's time machine to about 2017-18 because I am incredibly curious how the LB depth chart shakes out*. There are more young, exciting, athletic guys here than just about anywhere else on the Mizzou roster, and I have absolutely no idea who ends up ahead there.

(* And because I'd love to place some bets.)