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We simply cannot wait to see Terez Hall and Franklin Agbasimere in action

Terez Hall (6'2, 215, Fr.)

The Beef: Hall was a really late, Signing Day addition to the recruiting class, as the Tigers hosted him late in the process and then fended off visits from Nebraska and Wisconsin to win his services. His film is really impressive, as he can bring the wood.

Fullback U: Barry Odom really wanted Terez Hall this past recruiting cycle, and getting him on campus was a major coup for both the new DC and Mizzou. He’s physically very impressive and has made enough strides to earn a spot on the kickoff team, which means he’s being groomed for early playing time. In practice he still plays a bit too fast, the game hasn’t slowed down yet for him but it’s only a matter of time.

AlaTiger: Special teams stud as a true freshman, and then gets playing time at LB as a sophomore, and then becomes "the man" on defense. We’ve seen this story before, and while I’m not saying that Hall’s ends this way, he’s starting on the right path.

Bill C.: Hall's Hudl film shows polish, length, and speed, and the fact that he has impressed the coaches enough to go ahead and (likely) tear his redshirt off despite already having quite a few exciting young LBs on the two-deep speaks volumes. The ceiling is really, really high here.


Franklin Agbasimere (6'2, 220, Fr.)

The Beef: And there is this story … Mizzou’s Nigerian nightmare. Perhaps the ultimate test case of the theory/practice Coach Pinkel has been so vocal about, in that they want someone with the measurables and they can teach them football. If Agbasimere starts to see the field in 2017 or so, this could prove GP and his staff to be some of the best identifiers and developers of talent the college game has seen in some time.

Fullback U: Franklin "Smash" Agbasimere is physically a grown-ass man. He looks like he’s already been in Pat Ivey’s Muscle Emporium for three years and we’ve already heard about his mental maturity. Yes, he is very raw but in a year, maybe two, when he sees the field he is going to rock a bunch of people’s world.

AlaTiger: I am very, very excited about Agbasimere’s potential, and I think he will live up to that potential as he learns the game. I see special teams contributor next year and then being a contributor at LB the following year.

Bill C.: First, in case you haven't read PowerMizzou's awesome piece on him from back when he committed (or in case you haven't read it in a while), here you go.

"I met with the coach and he liked me. We did some drills and he was really impressed with what he saw so he said he was going to keep in touch with me," Agbasimere said. "He was going to get back to me after he gets back to the United States, that he would want me to come down here and play football if my people were going to agree with that. I was like okay, I just talked to my parents and they were all fine with it. [...]

Football is one thing. One look at Agbasimere--6-foot-2, 220 pounds, a V-shaped upper body that looks like it was sculpted out of granite--is enough to see the athletic potential. A reported 4.45 seconds in the 40-yard dash, a 345-pound bench press, 550-pound squat, 41-foot triple jump and 20-foot long jump back up that initial impression.

This really has been the most Pinkelesque recruiting story ever, maybe even trumping that of Charles Harris. When you watch this guy on film and listen to him, you cannot help but think about how good he might be in a couple of years. That's unfair, but it's hard to avoid.

Goodness, it's going to be fun to watch his progression.