Oliver Luck talks about Mizzou's role in WVU's conference fate


"The SEC was a little bit different. Missouri took a long time to decide what it wanted to do and I think they were on the fence for six, seven, maybe eight months. Some thought Missouri was waiting for an offer from the Big 10 or may stay in the Big 12," said Luck. "Had they stayed or had they become a member of the Big 10, we may have had an opportunity – and I emphasize the word maybe – to be in the SEC. The thing is nobody really knew what would have happened. What we do know is that Missouri’s move closed that door."

Former WVU Oliver Luck talked about Mizzou's and WVU's roles in conference realignment to the folks at Connect Bridgeport. Nothing completely new here, but the "took maybe eight months to decide" thing is a bit of a new take, something we hadn't heard before.