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Rock M Roll Call: The Beginning of the 2015 Mizzou Year

With the calendar turned to September and Mizzou's 2015 football opener just days away, we here at RMN thought it would be a good time to get to know each other just a little bit.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Well, SEMO is coming y'all. And with the Redhawks arrival to Columbia brings the beginning of the new year, a time of renewal, unbridled enthusiasm and of course tailgating, football and Bill C's stats.

But who are you, what lurks behind your handle and what would you like your fellow RMN'ers to know about you? Well as we've done for the past 7 years (props to RPT for starting this whole thing and who now must keep Jay Gruden, Dan Synder and RG3 all away from each other) we're putting this post up so we can all get to know each other just a wee bit better.

We hope with this piece that we make that first real life RMN connection you experience only slightly less awkward than a blind date set up by your mother. Meeting your internet friends is a fun experience, why make it weird by having to dress a certain way so you recognize each other?

So, to better get to know one another, we've devised the following questions, some old, some new to allow all of us to become even closer internet friends.

You can check out past Roll Calls here:


And the quiz!

1) How did you find RMN, and what has made you come back?

2) What is your favorite Mizzou memory of all time? What is your least favorite memory?

3) What "Mizzou Meme" would you wish the fanbase would just give up already?

4) If you could have drinks with any other RMN commenter, who would it be and why?

5) What does your Mizzou football Saturday schedule typically look like?

6) Where is the weirdest place you've encountered another Mizzou fan?

7) Gary Pinkel is retiring tomorrow, who's your first choice as his replacement?

8) What's the most important game on Mizzou's schedule this year?

Thanks for your input, and let's have another great year Rock M Nation'ing!