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Pregamin' Arkansas State

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Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.
Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.
Jack Peglow

Pregamin' Arkansas State

Pregamin' ASU game info


  • Though it does lie very close to the boundary, Jonesboro does not fall within the Ozark territory.
    • I'm not quite sure whether this is an insult or a compliment.
      • Perhaps both.
  • This season, J.D. McKissic will assuredly become Arkansas State's all-time leading receiver. It's truly a commendable accomplishment, especially when considering that he did so in just 17 short seasons as a Red Wolf.
  • Arkansas State has had five official nicknames in it's history. Here they are, power-ranked:
  1. Gorillas - This is a no-brainer. I'm actually upset that this one didn't stick. I mean come on. GORILLAS. It's so good.
  2. Red Wolves - The current moniker is pretty solid. It's no Gorillas for sure, but it's unique and just menacing enough to be intimidating while also allowing for kid-friendly merchandise.
  3. Aggies/Farmers - Wikipedia tells me that the primary version of this nickname was Aggies, but sometimes they went by Farmers. Some folks might be turned off by the inconsistency, but I like it. It keeps your opponents on their toes. Are they getting the Aggies, who just lost by 10 last week, or the Farmers, who wallopped their opponent two weeks prior? ILLUSIONS, MICHAEL.
  4. Warriors - Sure, this nickname has some recent cred thanks to the Bay Area's NBA team, but I'm guessing Arkansas State wasn't referring to a Warrior as an abstract courageous fighter. The name on the bottom of this list leads me to believe something different.
  5. Indians - @i wonder why they didn't stick with this one, guys.@ According to Wikipedia, ASU chose this name in honor of the Osage Nation that inhabited the area. In theory, I'm all for that. The Osage were fierce warriors who commanded the respect of even the Iroquois. In practice though, ASU fell far short. (caveat: the name was chosen in 1931, so the school's misfire here is understandable) Right off the bat, Jonesboro resides on the very easternmost edge of the Osage Nation, and only when looking at their reach during the height of their influence. But technically that still works, sure. I'll allow it. Go ahead and honor them by... going with the most generic, non-Osage specific nickname you can. Indians. Good job, everyone.


1. MatLock is now solidly a thing. How much do you think/want to see of Drew Lock on Saturday, and what kind of law does this dynamic duo practice?

BillSelfsToupeeWin and I don't give no damns who the QB is. Put Peglow in and let him sling the rock, just so long as we win!

HHKB ChrisI'd like to see a little more Lock than in game 1 for the sheer reason that it will cause internet meltdowns and rumors to run rampant and I can just sit back and enjoy the stupid. Do you powermizzou, tigerboard and lunatic fringe of RMN. As for the law they practice, they don't practice, they do and they are going to do all over everyone this season.  Can you tell I didn't want to research the permutations of the law? Good! Let the RMN lawyers get all lawery and provide a real response.

Jack Peglow - I think Maty Mauk comes out guns blazing after hearing about Lock all week. Pinkel will ride the hot hand into halftime, then give Drew the first series of the second half. He will promptly lead the offense on a long scoring drive while only throwing a single incompletion. No clear winner will be established after yet another game, and the case goes to court. MatLock refuses to take the case, as they strictly practice environmental law. They do so in order to get their hands on the DANKEST kush, of course.

The BeefThe redshirt is off, so I want him in every game at some point.  I’d LOVE to see him play in the 4th quarter again, because I would take that to mean we have done well and can afford to give him some additional exposure.  I don’t believe we see him in a "close game" situation in the second half, but he needs to be in each game going forward for the rest of the season to some extent. MatLock practice small claims law stemming from falls and crashes from 2-wheeled vehicles

Sam SnellingIf Drew Lock isn't playing 46% of the snaps there's just something wrong in America. I'm gonna go with the physics law of relativity. While they may both appear to be moving at different speeds, they are both in tune with the speed of getting to the next win. Or something, I studied English in college.

Fullback UniversityMatLock is a practicing Securities Lawyer because when I look up types of law it says that those "can also help defend clients if the IRS or SEC files a complaint against a person or a corporation." and that sounds like something Mizzou will need help with.

switzy227I would like to see Lock about as much as we did this past Saturday - just enough for me to argue with jaeger about how close he is to causing a controversy. The law firm of MatLock can practice whatever type of law they like. I just hope they are as effective as Vincent LaGuardia Gambini.

Chris L TurnerWe'll see Lock on Saturday, but less than we did last week. Different opponent and a more difficult match-up, so I think the majority of the snaps will be taken by Maty. MatLock is an aviation law firm. "If it's flying through the air, you might have a claim!"

jaegerI want to see a ton of Lock because we're absolutely obliterating ASU.  I want us up 40 points in the second quarter, so Drew can play the whole second half (and fans can complain because all PInkel let him do was hand the ball off).  If the game's more competitive, give him a series in each half.  And I think it's obvious that Maty and Drew, being young men interested in taking an aerial attack to new heights, practice Space Law.  I want to emphasize that this is a real area of law with a section in Mizzou's Law Library.

AlaTigerA series per half unless it is a blowout. If it is so tight that coaches don't feel comfortable giving him a fourth quarter series, that would be a bad thing. As for the type of law they practice, they specialize in estate law to deal with the detritus of their demolition of other teams on the football field.

2. A Power Five team playing an away game in Jonesboro seems a bit off, but certainly there are worse places the Tigers could be traveling. In your opinion, what is THE WORST possible place Mizzou could play an away football game and why?

BST Shreveport, LA. Amirite Beef?

HHKBAnywhere in the state of Missouri, because that'll just start the whole "Why don't we play SLU, or SMS or whoever" and frankly that conversation is boring. Also look what little old UMKC did to Kim Anderson.

Peglow - I'm going to go with the venue that puts our players in the most physical danger. The Carrier Dome is liable to collapse in on itself at any moment, so I'll choose that. THINK HOW CLOSE WE CAME TO THIS REALITY.

BeefFor me, the worst place they could play a game would be Hawaii because I would want to go, but never do it.  Other than that, screw you BST, I had a damn fine time in Shreveport….so I’ve been told at least.

Snelling Lawrence, because: obvious.

Fullback - The worst possible place that Mizzou could play an away game is @ Northwestern and I think the reason is obvious.

switzy227 An aircraft carrier. There would be so many knee injuries.

TurnerWell being a native Arkansan, I can tell you Jonesboro is a pretty bad place. But, I like what Sam said about Lawrence. The absolute worst place MU could go however? Ypsilanti, Michigan vs. EMU.

jaegerI think the surface of the sun would be a pretty terrible place to play an away football game.  The best game in the worst place would be an away game at Kansas.

AlaTigerI'd have to go with Troy, Alabama. I was initially super excited about the game because it would be a rare chance for me to see the Tigers play live in the pre-SEC days. Then it was moved to Thursday so I couldn't go, and then the last three quarters of the game happened. And then I heard about it ad nauseam. So, let's not do that one ever again.

3. Kentrell Brothers vs. the secondary. Who ends the game with more tackles?

BSTKB don't care about tackles. He is out there to steal souls and collect Pokemon.

HHKBKentrell Brothers as he rides the Sandworm and collects spice from all in Jonesboro.

Peglow - I'll take the secondary, but only by a tackle or two, and only because I think the Red Wolves are going to try to pass on Missouri's defense.

Beef The answer should be the secondary, but it would be a lot cooler if it was Brothers.

SnellingThey tie, but Kentrell breaks that tie by tackling the Red Wolves Head Coach after the game.

FullbackKentrell, obviously. Watch out Taft Sales, he's coming for that single game tackle record.

switzy227The secondary. After which, Kentrell will begin lobbying to play safety.

TurnerI see no reason the #KENTRELLHYPETRAIN stops now. Give me Kentrell.

jaegerIf Kentrell doesn't make literally every tackle on Saturday, he's dead to me.

AlaTiger - The secondary, but not by much.


Last week:

STRAIGHT UP: SEMO vs. Mizzou (Mizzou won!)
AGAINST THE SPREAD: Mizzou -30.5 (won by 31. Call me, Vegas)
O/U: 56.5 (37)

Which gives us a PACKED leader board, as it should.

  1. The Beef, Fullback U, HHKB Chris, and Chris L Turner (3 correct picks)
  2. BillSelfsToupee, Jack Peglow, switzy227, Sam Snelling, and AlaTiger (2 correct picks)

This week:

STRAIGHT UP: Mizzou vs. Arkansas State

And the picks:

Mastheader Straight up ATS O/U
BillSelfsToupee Mizzou Arkansas St. Under
HHKB Chris Mizzou Mizzou Under
Jack Peglow Mizzou Mizzou Under
The Beef Mizzou Mizzou Under
Sam Snelling Mizzou Mizzou Under
Fullback U Mizzou Mizzou Under
switzy227 Mizzou Mizzou Under
Chris L Turner Mizzou Mizzou Under
AlaTiger Mizzou Mizzou Under

Here's to getting some separation this week, and to Arkansas State's home crowd looking like this after Drew Lock throws nine touchdown passes.

Wolf cartoon hammer