Gary Pinkel imparts fatherly advice


Missouri’s players, for the most part, enjoy Pinkel’s non-football lessons, even if they think that he sometimes imparts them at odd moments. Two seasons ago, while preparing for the Tigers’ regular-season finale against Texas A&M, Pinkel spent the first 15 minutes of a meeting lecturing his players on how to be a gentleman while on a date. No matter that a victory over the Aggies would send Missouri to the SEC championship—Pinkel wanted to make it clear that while walking a date home, the man should always stand on the outside of the sidewalk. "So that if a Bud Light truck comes out of control, [the man is] the one who gets hit," he says. Simon recalls the meeting with a cackle. "I was like, Okay, well, if that’s what you think we need to talk about ," he says. "That’s coach Pinkel for you. Sometimes you don’t know what you're going to hear."

And then the Tigers beat A&M 28–21.

Gary Pinkel and Missouri's quest to cement their status as SEC power