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Pregamin' Kentucky


Mizzou has one of the best linebacking duos in the nation. What a time to be alive.
Mizzou has one of the best linebacking duos in the nation. What a time to be alive.
Jack Peglow

PregaminUK Jack Peglow

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Listener questions!


  • What a time to be a linebacker at the University of Missouri.
    • Kentrell Brothers leads the nation in tackles.
    • Brothers also leads the nation in kicks/punts blocked, with two.
    • The Missouri defense ranks fifth in the nation in scoring, allowing only 9.7 points per game.
    • They also rank fourth in total defense, allowing 217 combined rushing and passing yards per game.
    • Brothers and Michael Scherer are the focal points of Barry Odom's new defense, which might be the best unit in recent history.
    • Pretty good.

1. Kentucky quarterback Patrick Towles is a noted Harry Potter fan, and our QB needs to get in on this action. You are the sorting hat, in what house are you placing Maty Mauk?

jaeger Harry Potter is stupid.  But Hufflepuff.

BillSelfsToupeeI don't know what a sorting hat is or does so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Maty is placed in Delta, from Animal House. I think he'd fit in nicely with Otter, D-day, Bluto, and the crew.

Jack Peglow - I'm torn. Maty is certainly very courageous, as evident by his willingness to dive headfirst into end zones and lower his shoulder into defenders much larger than he, which would make him a good fit for Gryffindor. On the other hand, he's the butt of many a joke from the fans thanks to his position as the team's starting quarterback. Also, he might live in the basement. Hmmmm, yes. [extremely sorting hat voice] HUFFLEPUFF!

The BeefOne of the two that never gets any mention in the movies.  Huff ‘n Stuff or something like that.

Fullback UniversityI think Maty Mauk is a secret red head and therefore a Gryffindor.

Sam SnellingRavenclaw, was there even any doubt?

HHKB ChrisThe only hat film I will be discussing is "Fear of a Black Hat" which is an absolute delight. Tasty Taste, Ice Cold and Tone Def, man they really touched me in the way only an early 90s movie could.

AlaTigerCertainly not Ravenclaw. Maty does not give off an intellectual vibe at all. He’s not sly like a Slytherin, either. If he was, he’d look off receivers. It’s really a toss-up between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Are his questionable throws brave or just ill-advised? The sorting hat ponders and then shouts "HUFFLEPUFF!"

Adam CribbsI feel like it's obvious Maty is a Hufflepuff. Their colors are Yellow and Black (close enough) and Mauk clearly has the relationship with Lock that Cedric Diggory had with Harry. At this point I think we ALL know that Drew Lock is a Gryffindor, so let's look at their QB competition like the Triwizard Tournament. They both kind of indirectly work together, though Diggory spends most of the time in the lead while Harry plays a sort of complementary role. When they finally think they're reaching the end, Diggory reaches for the trophy, but remembering the one who helped him get there, he invites Harry to grab it with him so they're both winners. Seems great, right? Well, that was a trap and Voldemort kills Diggory and Harry emerges the winner. We all know that's exactly how this is all going to play out, right?

switzy227He's a Hufflepuff, without question.

kacc56Mauk has to be Gryffindor. Brave arguably to the point of reckless, but (hopefully) ends up winning in the end. It seems too perfect.

2. Our sample size is very small, so let's make a sweeping assumption! Where does this year's defense rank when stacked up against the 2013 and 2014 squads?

jaeger I think this is the best defense Mizzou has fielded under Gary Pinkel.

BSTIts the best damn defense I've ever seen. I mean seriously. We're so SEC now we can't score for crap but we're still winning games!

Peglow - I've been preaching about this defense since fall practices started, and my congregation is swelling of late. Aggression pays off. 2015 will be the best of the bunch so far, but this defense is also young as hell. It's 2016's defense that really has a chance to be special.

BeefI really do think it is going to be the best of the three, provided they stay healthy.  Harris is a beast and I think Brady is starting to learn, as is the ENTIRE DEFENSIVE LINE.  The linebackers are maybe the best trio we’ve had in some time (and Clarence Green makes some plays as well) and the secondary has been very good as well.

FullbackIn before a bunch of people say, "let's wait and see." Mizzou's 2015 defense is 100% the best defense ever at Mizzou and it's entirely because we finally ran Dave Steckel off.

SnellingBetter than the 70's Pittsburgh Steel Curtain

HHKBThis defense takes that defense behind a middle school and gets it pregnant. Glad you're back Tracy Morgan!

AlaTigerI think they are already better than 2013. I’ll need to see more evidence against better competition but this defense could certainly end up better than 2014.

CribbsI'm going to say this is the best defense of the Pinkel era. The defense is deep and young with room for improvement, but has already been playing at a high enough level that it could win a championship if it were complemented by a decent offense.

switzy227It ranks good. Like, real good.

kacc56I have to see it against some better teams, but this secondary puts it pretty close to the level of 2013-14. I'd like to see a bit more pass rush, but there's legit, but young depth.

3. Russell Hansbrough is BACK, baby. Sure, he's probably not 100 percent yet, but he's back and that's what matters. How drastically are you thinking/hoping the Missouri offense improves this weekend?


BSTI say we score in the double digits but still probably not 20. Ringing endorsement!

Peglow - TWO. WHOLE. TOUCHDOWNS. Write it in pen.

BeefI really do believe the offense will present better than it did last week.  I don’t think it will be great, or even good by any normal, statistical means. But I think, with a road game already behind them, with Russell coming back and also Dilosa being available, plus another week for the line to settle a bit, they should be better against a defense which may stop big plays, but may also allow them to build some confidence through some consistent five yards gains.

FullbackMizzou running backs have >100 yards rushing finally.

SnellingBetter than the 1999 St. Louis Rams

HHKBLeaps. And. Bounds. Double digits people, double digits.

AlaTigerI do think there will be some progression towards the mean. How much depends on how healthy Hansbrough really is. I’m really looking at the offense to FINISH SOME DRIVES this week.

CribbsI really think it's a big boost to Mizzou's ability to sustain drives, but I don't think we'll see a big jump in scoring until Mauk becomes more efficient or one of the receivers emerges to be a Danario-like playmaker.

switzy227I am thinking there is improvement this week, maybe even to the 20+ point mark (although a pick six may factor heard it here!).

kacc56Just a little bit. He won't be full go, so I'm not expecting much, but his presence will definitely help. Hopefully the defense can score some points again and take some pressure off the O.


Last week:

STRAIGHT UP: UConn @ Missouri
AGAINST THE SPREAD: Missouri -20.5

Things are starting to separate! Now that we're heading into conference play, hopefully that trend continues... after this week. YOUR LEADERBOARD:

  1. The Beef, Fullback U, and HHKB Chris (8 correct picks)
  2. BST, Jack Peglow, and Sam Snelling (7 correct picks)
  3. AlaTiger and switzy227 (6 correct picks)

This week:

STRAIGHT UP: Missouri @ Kentucky

Mastheader Straight Up Against the Spread Over/Under
BillSelfsToupee Missouri Missouri Under
The Beef Missouri Missouri Under
Jack Peglow Missouri Missouri Under
Fullback U Missouri Missouri Under
Sam Snelling Missouri Missouri Under
HHKB Chris Missouri Missouri Under
AlaTiger Missouri Missouri Under
switzy227 Missouri Missouri Under

Predict the Mizzou vs Kentucky final score:

As a thank you for Barry Odom, here's to rocking out in Lexington harder than this Memphis fan did last night.

Rock on Memphis

What a time to be alive.