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What are your predictions for Mizzou, the SEC, and the College Football Playoff?

Lock it in, because it doesn't hurt and otherwise no one will believe you.

Earlier this week we asked you to introduce yourself and answer some questions in the Rock M Roll Call. If you haven't already, please go there and read through and introduce yourself!

The college football season started last night, Mizzou's season starts Satuday. It's the Friday in between which means you're barely able to focus on work/school/family obligations, why not make some predictions for the coming season? These don't have to be based on anything fancy like math or Vegas odds, the only thing I ask you first predict using your head, then predict using your black and gold heart.

1) What do you predict to be Mizzou's regular season Football record this year, both from your head and your black and gold heart?
Num Game Head Heart
2 @ ARK ST
4 @ Kentucky
5 South Carolina
6 Florida
7 @ Georgia
8 @ Vanderbilt
9 (Thurs) Mississippi State
10 (N) BYU
11 Tennessee
12 @ Arkansas

Here is my prediction. Head 8-4, Heart 11-3 (yes, another SECCG loss)

Num Game Head Heart
2 @ ARK ST W W
4 @ Kentucky W W
5 South Carolina W W
6 Florida W W
7 @ Georgia L L
8 @ Vanderbilt W W
9 (Thurs) Mississippi State L W
10 (N) BYU W W
11 Tennessee L W
12 @ Arkansas L L

Two more questions, if you please.

2) Predict the final SEC standings, who wins the East, who wins the West, who wins the SEC championship game?
  • SEC East: Georgia
  • SEC West: Auburn
  • SEC Champ: Auburn
3) Which four teams make the 2015 College Football Playoffs?
  1. Ohio State
  2. Oregon
  3. Auburn
  4. Baylor

Mizzou CFB Playoffs