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Southern Justice: Missouri's Two Quarterback System

With two signal-callers this talented, opposing defenses won't be able to rest.

Jack Peglow

Don't be fooled by their down-home demeanor and country-boy ways; quarterbacks Maty Mauk and Drew Lock are worth every penny they don't earn. Count on MatLock to survey the defense, scope out the holes everyone else missed, and accurately hit the open receiver with a perfectly placed pass.

Mauk brings the experience. There's nothing an opposing defense can throw at him that he hasn't seen before. He's mobile; able to expertly dance around the defense's attacks while he buys enough time to find and exploit their weakness.

Lock is the young gun. What he lacks in game experience, he makes up for with poise. Nothing fazes him. He steps up into the eye of the defense's pressure and delivers a strike to his target on the stand. He's winning over critics left and right, and he hasn't shown any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Going into the season, Mizzou's offense didn't look like it had the potential to be incredibly versatile. With all of the inexperience at receiver, it seemed like they would be leaning on the running game for a majority of their games. With MatLock on the case, things are different. As long as a good balance can be maintained, the Tigers have the ability to drastically change the makeup of their offense from drive to drive. It forces defenses to be more multiple than they would like, which gives MatLock more opportunities to flourish.

It's not MatyLock

It's not Mauk-Lock

It's MatLock. Taking on defenses across the nation with good, old fashioned southern justice.