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2017 Mizzou Position Walkthroughs

Fatony was ready in 2015. Is McCann?

Mizzou used a freshman punter in 2015, and it worked out incredibly well. Will it be the same story with well-regarded freshman kicker Tucker McCann?

Freshman safeties = special teams contributors?

Ronnell Perkins and DeMarkus Acy probably won’t see a lot of time at safety, but that special teams unit needs some shoring up.

Mizzou is stocked at safety

Three sophomores are vying for a spot in Missouri’s safety rotation: Cam Hilton, Greg Taylor, and Tavon Ross.

Wilson has drawn praise in fall camp

Mizzou needed someone to step up at safety opposite Anthony Sherrils. It appears Wilson is doing just that.

Sherrils’ progress has been as speedy as him

Missouri’s Anthony Sherrils has gone from "fast guy" to one of the SEC’s best safeties.

Is Warren still in line to start in 2016?

Was redshirt freshman TJ Warren a spring game decoy or a true starter-in-waiting? And how much will a recent hamstring injury hold him back?

Can Stribling or Hines find a 2016 niche?

Can Anthony Hines’ size give him a leg up on Finis Stribling IV and other Missouri backup cornerbacks when it comes to seeing reps in 2016?

Cheadle can still fulfill Gaines-esque promise

Logan Cheadle might not have been strong or experienced enough to make a difference for Missouri in 2015, but he’s got time.

Can Gibson get past a late-2015 funk?

John Gibson’s speed and feistiness will always give him a shot, but can he avoid costly breakdowns and play a feature role for Missouri in 2016?

Penton is a rock at corner

Can Missouri’s Aarion Penton be as good in the role of Barry Odom Cornerback as he was as a Gary Pinkel Cornerback?

Cale Garrett’s already making waves

Mizzou’s got too many young, exciting linebackers to keep track of, but Cale Garrett is already seeing the second string.

Is there a niche for Eric Beisel?

Eric Beisel, Grant Jones, and Roderick Winters have been lost in the shuffle for Mizzou at LB. Can they still carve out a role?

Who succeeds Brothers?

Can Joey Burkett fend off other exciting young youngsters to start for the Tigers?

Newsom’s play-making is vital

Missouri’s Donavin Newsom has to not only match his own improved production from 2015, but fill some of the void left by Kentrell Brothers.

Scherer is a reliable play-maker

Michael Scherer almost never left the field in 2015 and became quite a play-maker in the process.

AJ Logan is a heck of a #4 DT

Logan is big and sturdy, but he might have work to do to stay ahead of Markell Utsey on the two-deep.

Hatley might be Mizzou’s most underrated player

You need someone to do the grunt work so stars can be stars. He relishes the grunt work.

Beckner was even better than we thought

Mizzou’s opponents should consider that a warning.

Augusta is a biiiiig play-maker

Maybe a little too mammoth?

Tre Williams faces massive expectations

Which sophomore DE steps up?

Mizzou needs either Nate Howard, Josh Moore, or Spencer Williams to become a decent play-maker in 2016. All three would be fine, too.

Marcell Frazier must produce

The junior end won a starting job when Walter Brady was dismissed. Now he has to make sure Mizzou doesn’t suffer for Brady’s dismissal.

Charles Harris evolved from “Who?” to “Next Mizzou first-rounder?”

The biggest question about Charles Harris in 2016 might not have to do with him at all — it might have to do with his battery mates.

How many redshirts come off?

Both need and talent could lead Missouri to play multiple freshmen on the O-line in 2016.

Bailey’s first college snap could be as Mizzou starter

Three young returnees could join the Missouri offensive line rotation this fall, though two (AJ Harris, Tanner Owen) are working through injury issues at the moment.

Mizzou will start at least one JUCO transfer up front

Missouri will likely turn to JUCO transfer to fill in at least one starting spot in 2016. How might Tyler Howell and Kyle Mitchell fare?

“Veteran” linemen have plenty to prove

We’ve heard a lot about the upside of Mizzou linemen like Kevin Pendleton, Paul Adams, and Alec Abeln, yet they evidently weren’t regarded well enough to see the field for a line desperate for help.

Will a third TE see the field? And who?

Missouri is blessed with experience at tight end but doesn’t boast enough proven quality to write off a young tight end seeing the field. Can Brendan Scales, Kendall Blanton, or Albert Okwuegbunam carve out a niche in fall camp?

Is 2016 the breakout for Jason Reese?

Injury slowed Jason Reese’s progress in 2015 after a couple of promising games. Can a healthy Reese become the go-to efficiency option the Missouri offense so desperately needs?

Last chance, Sean Culkin

It’s tight end Sean Culkin’s last chance to prove himself as an offensive leader for the Missouri Tigers. Can he?

Mizzou has so many damn receivers

If they have their act together, any of Missouri’s WR newcomers -- Johnathon Johnson, Justin Smith, Richaud Floyd, Dominic Collins, Dimetrios Mason -- could see the field quickly, but they’ll have to distinguish themselves in a crowded field.

Time to turn potential into production

Everywhere you look, Missouri’s got a young WR with huge potential. Who steps up: Keyon Dilosa? Emanuel Hall? DeSean Blair? Ray Wingo?


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