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Everybody else is making a way-too-early 2016 college football top 25. Here's one more.

Consider this your Saturday live thread.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

SBNation compiled a way too early top 25 composite ranking for the 2016 season and it had Clemson ranked #1 which I thought was ludicrous considering A) how much Clemson is losing to the NFL and B) Bama. So I thought I would make my own list with my own philosophy because A) it's a blog and B) it might be fun to debate.

1 Alabama 14-1 Roll Tide
2 Clemson  14-1 Clemson is losing key contributors on defense but has a solid offense returning
3 Stanford  12-2 Christian McCaffrey comes back as do the remaining 84 offensive lineman on the roster
4 Ohio State  12-1 The majority of the talent that won a NC is headed to the NFL, I expect a "down" year
5 Ole Miss  10-3 Nkemdiche, Laquon, Tunsil all came and went but Ole Miss keeps on recruiting talent
6 Oklahoma  11-2 Sooners peaked early with last year's performance and a lot of that team returns
7 Notre Dame  10-3 Played with approximately 85% of their roster injured and still won 10 games
8 Michigan State  12-2 Lost Connor Cook which I think will mean a regression to the mean for the Green
9 Arkansas  8-5 Lost Brandon Allen, Hunter Henry and Alex Collins but Bert gonna Bert
10 Houston  12-1 Tom Herman is literally football Jesus, prove me wrong
11 Tennessee  9-4 Vols had to make coaching changes in an effort to compete for an SEC East title
12 TCU  11-2 Will replace Trevone Boykin with former Aggie Kenny "Trill" Hill so....
13 Baylor  10-3 Get back all of their QBs and are still coached by Art Briles
14 Michigan  10-3 Harbaugh is sleeping with recruits. No seriously.
15 LSU  9-3 Fournette up the middle, Fournette toss left, Fournette toss right.
16 Louisville  8-5 Bobby Petrino is back at his own stomping grounds and looks to improve upon last year
17 USC  8-6 It will be tough for them to compete head to head with the Rams
18 Oregon  9-4 Dave Yost is their passing coordinator, wait a minute I thought he was tired of coaching?
19 Oklahoma State  10-3 The Big 12 is a sham conference that allows you to somehow win 10 games sometimes
20 Florida  10-4 Guess who their QB is well guess what it's you
21 North Carolina  9-3 Yes I agree they are okay
22 Georgia  10-3 I can't wait for the Odom vs Smart headlines
23 Iowa  12-2 Last year was a fluke and Kirk Ferentz is going to get paid $10 million a year for it
24 UCLA  8-5 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
25 Florida State  10-3 This man seriously goes by the name "Jimbo"

Well, there you have it. A comprehensive breakdown of the top 25 teams for the start of the 2016 season. If you disagree you care way too much about these things and we should probably argue about it in the comments below.