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RMN Bowl Contest: The Final Day

The bowl schedule is quite different this season, so today marks the final day of normal bowl games

Ole Miss wrapped up one of the most lopsided Bowl Days in recent memory
Ole Miss wrapped up one of the most lopsided Bowl Days in recent memory
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Four games.  Eight picks. That is all that is left before we get to the tie-breakers (if necessary) attached to the National Title game next Monday. Yesterday started amazingly, as the community continued to nail pick after pick.  Eventually, a streak of six straight games and 12 straight picks came to an end, but not before we found ourselves 300 picks above .500 and sitting at a very solid 52.15% for the year (and now 51.28% all-time).

At the top of the table, we had a decent bit of movement throughout the bore that was New Year's Day.  We now see what is probably a three-person race between kristina at 46-26, fengsuede at 47-25 and Highonlife who tops the board at 48-24.

On the other end, the battle is just as close, with a tie for the bottom at 29-43 between Gregg and trripleplay. Beyond them is a group of three just one game better.

For today, let's take a look at the games and picks:

  • Georgia (-7): 62%
  • Over 43: 53%
  • Arkansas (-13): 68%
  • Under 62.5: 66%
  • TCU (Pick 'Em): 61%
  • Over 74: 54%
  • Arizona State (Pick 'Em): 61%
  • Under 64: 53%
I will try to update the thread as we go along today with results.

For a look at the datasheet, click HERE. On the link you can find your picks on the first tab (Form Responses 1). After each pick, I will color them up red/green to denote the winner. On the results tab you can find much of the behind-the-scenes data, but I would also invite you to the bottom of the page to see the yearly and all-time numbers, as well as the per-game percentages. Finally, on the Records tab can you find the Leaderboard.

Happy New Year Everyone!