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Yesterday wasn't very fun for the Mizzou universe

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Come hell or high water, we're starting with something optimistic. After yesterday, we've earned that.

The Trib (Blake Toppmeyer): Earleywine discusses position battles, pitching depth, Fagan's leadership, etc.

On having a lot of power in the lineup ...

"We're going to win a lot of games 10-6 or 14-8. I get that, and we're capable of that. But in order to win championships, you have to be able to win 1-0, and this team needs to be able to prove that they can do that. Can you get that big hit off that stud pitcher in postseason play when they're dealing? Can our pitcher shut another good offense down to where that we have a low-scoring ballgame? That's what I want to watch.

"I know we're going to outscore a lot of teams. It's going to seem like a football game at times, because we have tremendous power, but I'm more interested in the big hit against the big pitcher at the big time."

On whether Missouri has the pitching needed to get to the WCWS ...

"Talent-wise, we do. We'll just see if it comes to fruition. I think last year, there was some toughness lacking in the circle. We're trying to address that in different ways. But as far as the electric ability in the arms of our pitchers, yeah, they're upper 60s, whatever. Left-handed, right-handed, up, down, we got all different sorts of stuff. But, are they ready to win a championship today? No. But we hope to get them there."

Mizzou Tigers pennant So ... to summarize yesterday...

Eddie Printz elected to transfer.

Then former University president Tim Wolfe sent an "everybody sucked but me" e-mail.

Then defensive line coach Chris Wilson left for the Philadelphia Eagles after barely a month on the job. (More here.)

Then Mizzou basketball sent Kim Anderson right back to the hot seat with another miserable Rupp Arena experience. (More here.)

And Mizzou was already dealing with the fallout from the latest Maty Mauk suspension.

Some days are fun. Other days are ... that. Mizzou's had a lot more of "that" in this school year than most.

Mizzou Tigers pennant But on the bright side...

Trystan Castillo did reaffirm his Mizzou commitment (more here), and Mizzou did land another commit from JUCO receiver Dominic Collins (more here). So there's that. And the Tigers do have a pretty cool offensive line coach.

And they're also a bunch of nerds!

So now we move on from a crappy day in the middle of a relatively crappy week. Here's where I love the watercooler aspect of this site. We've always got Mizzou in common, but we've also got plenty of other things going on in our lives ... which is a nice thing to remember when the sports aren't all that fun to talk about.

Women's hoops are up tonight. Might be fun.