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"Not a lot of people get to be in the spot I’m at." Evan Boehm's ready for the Senior Bowl

Here are three Mizzou things for Saturday.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Senior Bowl kicks off at 1:30 pm CT on NFL Network

KC Star: Missouri center Evan Boehm one step closer to fulfilling lifelong dream

"It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s nerve-racking, it’s scary," Boehm said. "It’s just a bunch of emotions packed together in one. Because if you asked me when I was 5 years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was a professional football player. And not a lot of people get to be in the spot I’m at." [...]

"It’s a lot of fun, and you get to preview what it’s gonna be like for the next hopefully 10 years of my life," said Boehm, who is projected to be a fifth-round pick by CBS Sports. "It’s intense, but oh, I love it and I love his coaching style and the way he coaches … it’s just the little details that they pick up on because they’ve been around the game so long.

2. No. 5 Mizzou wrestles No. 7 Oklahoma at the Hearnes Center at 2:30 pm CT

Here are your match noteshere's where you can follow along online, and here's our latest wrestling exchange.

3. :(

There is no quick route back from this either. Mizzou could get rid of Kim Anderson and hire Gregg Marshall, and unless he pulled off an immediate, miraculous turnaround, Mizzou would still be only drawing probably 8,000 this time next year instead of 6,000 (or 5,000).

Mizzou and Mississippi State tip off at 7:30! Be there!