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Pregamin’ Middle Tennessee


Red Dead Mizzou
A disappointing season of football in America’s heartland.
Jack Peglow
Pregamin' MTSU
Pregamin' MTSU info

Gameday attire:


1. Mizzou is in a slump. There’s no doubt about it. Playing a relative cupcake should certainly help to right the ship, but after two lopsided losses, the Tigers probably need a bit more than a Homecoming pick-me-up. What can they do - on and/or off the field - to help break the slump?

Chris Bohkay - In a time like this, each man must look internally and determine what will help them free themselves of the bad vibes that have enveloped them. So Tigers look within yourself, just make sure to not steal Jobu's rum, is very bad to steal Jobu's rum.

Jack Peglow - Prior to the game, a ritual sacrifice must be made. This would ideally be some variant of a walk-on or a freshman. During the game, the Gatorade bottles will need to be filled with Michael’s Secret Stuff. Nothing else.

Oscar Gamble - Take it one play at a time. Give 110% effort on every play. The goal is to be 1-0 after this weekend. Focus on the next game.

Josh Matejka - "Relative cupcake" is the operative term as Middle Tennessee is more like a nice bundt cake. If Mizzou dominates - think 3+ score win - I'll feel pretty good, given Middle Tenn. isn't really that bad.

TheRonDavis - They should lock themselves in the film room.They shouldn't scoff at Middle Tennessee State. This is the most important game of the season. They need to come out and handle their business.

Switzy227 - On the field - some QB runs/scrambles; off the field - ignore everything other than class and practice.

AlaTiger - If the team thinks MTSU is a cupcake, they are screwed. Use the middle of the field when passing, run the QB more when Lock is in, and pass more when Zanders is in. If the team is dialed in on class and practice, the fact that it is homecoming will be an inconsequential piece of trivia.

PBoggs - On the field: Give Crockett more snaps, dump passes to Ish on broken plays, and throw the deep ball more to Moore! Off the field: Christmas music Thursdays for the O-Line/ let the O-Line get a lot weirder.

Sam Snelling - Pizza, probably.

2. Speaking of Homecoming, what’s your favorite memory from a past Homecoming at the University of Missouri?

Bohkay - Homecoming was never a big deal for me when on campus, it was just another Saturday. What I do remember is living in the Twain and all the damn noise late Friday night and early Saturday morning because of the parade and what have you. So in conclusion, nothing but demanding some damn peace and quiet, this hangover isn't going to take care of itself!

Peglow - My sophomore year Homecoming was probably the most memorable for me. Doing all of the Greek things was fun, but that was also a pretty fun game to watch.

Gamble - Is there a better Mizzou Homecoming memory than 2010? What else are we debating?

Matejka - What Oscar said.

TheRonDavis - The end result was obviously heartbreaking for any Mizzou fan, but South Carolina in 2013 was an absolutely electric atmosphere. One of the best games I've seen in person.

Switzy227 - A quiet morning listening to the parade from an upper-level J-slum apartment, followed by breakfast at the Berg with my host. (The rest of the story is depressingly innocent, however.)

AlaTiger - The 2010 Oklahoma game, bookended by McGaffie's kickoff return and Bob Stoops punting away so the loss wouldn't be worse.

Pboggs - Totes the 2010 win against OU.

Snelling - I have never attended a homecoming event at the University of Missouri and do not recall them ever happening before this year so I cannot answer this question.

3. How about another non-football question? No one wants to talk about football that much right now anyway. Mizzou may not be playing on Halloween, but the Spook Day is approaching with a ghoulish quickness. It’s time to get your costume in order. if this year’s team was a Halloween costume, what would they be and why?

Bohkay - I mean the obvious answer is "The Invisible Man" cause you know, looking bad and being really not able to do things.But I don't do Halloween so I guess dress up as candy corn, the greatest candy of all time!

Peglow - Mizzou is a bed sheet with eye-holes that are extremely poorly cut out. Everyone is disappointed.

Gamble - Pokemon is still big right?

Matejka - They'd almost certainly be Superman because, like the Man of Steel, they have all the right tools to be awesome (super speed, incredible strength, dashing good looks) and yet somehow are an incredibly boring and painful team to watch at times. Except when the Tigers click, they're actually fun. Superman always sucks.

TheRonDavis - Two-Face. The problem was the defense early on and couldn't match the offense. Now, the offense is stalling and it appears that the defense is returning to form. Maybe Saturday they can relieved a complete performance against a more competent team than the ones they played in their two wins.

Switzy227 - They would be any of the myriad plastic masked pop culture costumes mass-produced for big box stores. They look shiny and great in the package and the kids will go crazy over them at first. But it won't take long for the staples to pop off the mask, rendering it little more than a cardboard sign. And the painted plastic tarp will inevitably catch on a gate latch or a rusted yard bumper (depending on your neighborhood) and now Superman has a gaping hole in his rear end.

AlaTiger - I think switzy nailed it.

Pboggs - Mizzou is currently that guy that skips the Halloween party and stays home with his microwave dinner and watches Gilmore Girls. Everyone knows he(Mizzou) would be the life of the party if he actually showed up.

Snelling - Kenneth Bone.

You’re going to watch this game, because it just means more here in the SEC.
Jack Peglow