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Gary Pinkel on proposed new Missouri facilities: " Barry can do things that I didn't do here."

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Well hey there, Gary Pinkel.

Barry's gonna do a great job, and I just want to help him resource-wise. I'm pretty selfish--it's about football. Resource, facilities. We've done a lot of good things; east side, it's been really great ... but we need to build a new football complex, and I'm gonna help raise funds for that. I have a passion for that.

I'm gonna be here forever. I'm not going to be here for 6-7 years, even though I'm on a three-year contract right now. Whether I'm on contract or not, I'm always gonna be here to help Mizzou in any way I can. [...]

It's quite simple. When we got in this league, the SEC, people called me, curators called me, chancellor called me, several people called me, asked me about ... what do you think about getting in the SEC. And I said it's the greatest league in football. But if you drive around, look at all the stadiums like we do when we visit all these places and play games, you understand the facilities are premium. And if you want to be in the race, okay, you have to build and have the same resources, facility-wise, that all the other kids do.

Every player who goes on four visits, to three other SEC schools and then they come here, they're gonna walk in the football complex. And that 18-year old kid is gonna come away with kinda where that rates and where it is. And it is hugely important that we make sure that we build the facilities, so that 18-year old recruit walks in there, one of the best players in the nation, he chooses to come to Missouri because Missouri's like all the teams in the SEC. They're out front, their complex is one of the best there is, it's gonna help me be a better player, better student. And that's the kind of commitment we have to have. That's my commitment to the university, building that for Barry so Barry can do things that I didn't do here.

The entire interview is good -- it's always perversely entertaining listening to Pinkel trying to understand the concepts of "relaxing" and "not working 18 hours a day" -- but this part at the end is the most relevant. Love the "gonna be here forever" line.

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