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Markus Golden takes NFL sacks lead with big game against Blaine Gabbert's 49ers

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

The pass rush was dynamic again versus the 49ers, and Golden led the way. Between his early edge-rushing moves and non-stop motor, he always seemed to be around the ball. He showed the ability down the stretch last year as a rookie, and it was an easy choice to make him a full-time starter this year.

"He’s light years ahead, because he understands what he’s doing," Arians said. "He’s gotten better and there are better guys around him. He’s been a force since he’s been here."

The Cardinals had seven sacks in the game, as a pass rush that needed addressing after last season has found its groove the past two weeks.

Golden has assumed a starring role opposite Jones, and his emergence has given defenses another top-tier edge-rusher to worry about. While he’s been happy with his play, Golden deflected praise when told he was the current league leader in sacks.

"That’s cool, man, but I’m all about winning," he said. "My mom’s probably happy. My little cousins are happy."

-- Arizona Cardinals: Markus Golden Sacks 49ers For Cardinals, Family

Of all the NFL talent Missouri has fielded over the last decade or so, perhaps no player has been more enthusiastic, more happy to be #MizzouMade, more happy to just play football than Markus Golden. We're excited about any former Tiger who is succeeding at the next level, but it almost feels a little different with Markus.

The 2015 second-rounder is thus far proving Jack Peglow's 2015 draft scouting report rather prophetic.

No one is going to work harder on any given play than Markus Golden. He can consistently be seen tracking down ball-carriers 10, 15, and sometimes 20 yards downfield, after many defensive linemen had already given up on the play. There's even a few rare, beautiful occasions where he can be seen tackling a receiver just after they've caught a short hitch, which is more wondrous than seeing a unicorn playing checkers with a leprechaun.

In addition to his unrivaled jet engine of a motor, Golden possesses a keen awareness for the ball that has benefits in both the running and the passing game. This vision allows him to quickly discern where the offense is aiming the current running play, he then does a good job of using his hands – a staple of Missouri defense ends – to shed blocks and put himself in a position to make the tackle. He plays disciplined in the running game, and is diligent about maintaining his assignment. Whether that means stuffing a runner trying to burst through the edge of the line or setting the edge on a swing play so that a linebacker can come clean things up, Golden can be counted on to take care of business.

Well done, Markus.

Mizzou Tigers pennant History, both good and bad


Post-Dispatch: Oct. 6, 1990: Colorado takes five, beats Mizzou


Mizzou Tigers pennant The south endzone project moves forward

KC Star: Missouri athletic director Jim Sterk presents football facility proposal to university curators

The proposal — including a new training facility, cafeteria, locker rooms, coaches’ offices and recruiting area — isn’t ready for approval and probably won’t be until early 2017.

The project also will shore up some foundation issues caused by shifting ground on the former landfill site and will include new video boards as well as additional premium seating, new restrooms and concession stands.

"The next time we come to (the MU System Board of Curators), we hope to have our architect picked, our funding in place and an estimate of expenses and programming," Sterk said.

The Trib: Sterk outlines south end zone project for curators, eyes February approval

HOK is on retainer as MU's external campus planner. Although HOK is working on the project in this early stage, it cannot serve as the architect under the terms of MU’s agreement with HOK, Sterk said, so Missouri will need to select an architect and general contractor for the project.

Sterk estimated that the facility might take 18 to 24 months to build after construction begins.

The project will not increase Memorial Stadium’s seating capacity of 71,168. In fact, it might slightly reduce capacity, but Sterk said the additional premium seating will increase revenue potential. He said premium seating on Memorial Stadium’s east side is sold at a 97-percent clip for this season.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant Stay hot

KC Star: Change in system sparks Missouri volleyball team early in SEC play

The Missourian: Missouri volleyball tries to stay humble after 8-win streak

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Mizzou Tigers pennant New PAPN!

PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: ...then you shouldn’t have hired Charlie Strong to begin with