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On paper, Tennessee looks much better than Mizzou this season; but the Tigers have a secret weapon up their sleeve

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No, I'm not saying Mizzou will beat Tennessee because the Tigers have a player named after Bear Braynt. I'm not *not* saying that, either.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's on

Brad Smith just can't help but look good everywhere he goes, huh?

Must be nice.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Start getting your climbing gear together, we're scaling Rocky Top this weekend

On the effectiveness of Missouri’s defense against Tennessee’s offense in recent years …

"I’ve only been part of one of those. It was last year. You look back and watch the game and even during the game, I didn’t feel like at that point ever we really had an opportunity throughout the game. I thought they always were a step ahead of us, and they played well. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on what has happened in the past to make sure it happens this year, because that’s not the case. We’ve got a new set of guys, a new set of staff. They’re different, as well, and they’re very, very explosive. The quarterback is playing outstanding. The tailbacks have been blocking well at the point of attack. We’ll have our hands full."

-- The Trib: SEC Teleconference: Tennessee's Dobbs is 'playing outstanding,' Odom says

And this time, it's personal

"These past two weeks have been huge for me," Adams said about playing Vanderbilt and then Tennessee. "Like back to back, it’s almost perfect. It’s kind of personal for me as well."

Athletes like to downplay these so-called "circle-it-on-the-schedule" contests. Not Adams. He has always loathed Tennessee and isn't afraid to say it.

Naturally, he was taught to hate Tennessee by his father, Tim Adams, who named his son after legendary Alabama head coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant. The Alabama-Tennessee rivalry game is called 'The Third Saturday in October.'

-- The Trib: Paul Adams looks forward to returning home, silencing Tennessee fans



He took a roundabout way to get here, but it would appear that Marcell Frazier has arrived

In 2012, Marcell Frazier’s football career was at a crossroads. It seemed in peril again one year later. Now, the junior defensive end is fresh off his best game in a Missouri uniform, a 2½-sack performance against Vanderbilt on Saturday.

-- The Trib: Marcell Frazier takes road less traveled to reach MU football team

Ain't nothing gonna break Adam Ploudre's stride Mizzou Football's Adam Ploudre Nominated for FWAA Courage Award

Ploudre is up for the award after coming back from a devastating leg injury, suffered while playing at Marquette High School.


As Ploudre underwent seven surgeries and a 49-week recovery, his college football offers evaporated. He walked on to Mizzou's Football team as a freshman and worked his way up the depth chart. He was put on scholarship this summer and is now starting at right guard for head coach Barry Odom.


Mizzou Tigers pennantBasketball has a highly-ranked opponent of their own

KC Star: Missouri - No. 11 Xavier lineups, TV tipoff times, facts, and figures

ABOUT XAVIER (2-0): The Musketeers barely survived an 84-81 season-opening test against Lehigh, but coach Chris Mack’s crew looked considerably more convincing during an 86-53 rout of Buffalo on Monday. Xavier boasts a talented and tall backcourt, with a seemingly endless supply of guards 6-feet-5 or taller. That includes Bluiett, Sumner and Macura, who combined are averaging 53 points with 16 rebounds and 9.5 assists this season.

Read more here:

Who to watch in black and gold:

KC Star: Mizzou, Frankie Hughes face tougher test after dazzlnig debut

"He’s definitely lightning in a bottle … ," VanLeer said of Hughes. "When he gets going, he's confident and he feels like nobody can stop him when it goes up."

Mizzou is counting on a big season from Hughes.

"He’s mature in some sense and I think he has a very good basketball IQ … ," Anderson said. "Frankie has a great feel for the game. That’s why he’s where he’s at at this point. He doesn’t let a whole lot bother him. If he misses some shots, he just stays with it."

Read more here:

Read more here:

The Trib: Russell Woods stepping up down low for Mizzou

"Here’s the thing about Russ — Russ has to play within his limits," Anderson said. "I thought he did that" against Alabama A&M. … "He’s just gotta play within himself. Some nights, he’ll be able to do what he did tonight, and some nights he won’t, but maybe somebody else will help him."

Fouling was a constant issue for Woods last year, when on average he racked up a foul every five minutes he was on the floor.

"A couple weeks ago we started bringing referees into practice every day. Three every day," Anderson said. "They’re refereeing 4-on-4, 3-on-3, 5-on-5, halfcourt stuff, because we’ve been fouling so much and" Woods "was fouling a lot. I really think that’s helped him."

Great space, that would be just immensely annoying.

Mizzou Tigers pennantNot to be outdone, women's basketball will also play a team in the top 20

BUT THIS ONE'S A TOP 25 MATCHUP ALL AROUND, BABY! No. 25 Mizzou Set for Top 25 Clash at No. 17 Washington

Tip off is slated for 7 p.m. CT at Alaska Airlines Arena. The game will be streamed live on for free. Fans can also listen to the contest live on KTGR by tuning into 100.5 FM or 1580 AM in Columbia, Mo.

I feel like there's more narrative to this, but I just can't quite put my finger on it.

The Missourian: Porter sisters eager for Missouri women's basketball matchup with Washington

The Porter family will attend the game are plan to sit close to the action. Cierra Porter said she’s hopeful they will choose to sit close to the Tigers’ bench, likely in neutral colors, but cheering nevertheless for her and Missouri.

"We know that their heart is with us," Bri Porter said. "So who really cares what shirt they have on?"

Ah, yep. That's it.

This reminds me, has anyone asked Ezekiel Elliott about his decision to attend Ohio State instead of Missouri recently?