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Missouri's Karissa Schweizer is a national champion, and Mizzou Volleyball is 2 steps from another SEC title

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Here are today's Mizzou Links.

I was on assignment in North Carolina this past week and spent a decent amount of time in Durham. On Friday afternoon, I walked around Duke's campus and took in the truly awesome Duke Basketball Museum and Sports Hall of Fame, which is more or less attached to the northwest side of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Yes, it's a basketball museum first, and lord knows they've got plenty of basketball-related things to brag about. But I was as or more impressed with the other side of the museum, which celebrated Duke's other national and conference champions and very nicely displayed all of its athletics hall-of-fame members. There was a Duke Soccer video playing, which commemorated a recent soccer champion, and all the plaques from Duke's runs in sports like lacrosse and women's golf were prominent.

You can find a photo gallery of the museum here (the pics are mostly basketball, but there are a few non-hoops). It's really well done. It makes me wish Mizzou had something similar, and I'd like to think that with the vault that Mizzou Network is sitting on, there could be some fantastic multimedia pieces to such a museum.

Having such a museum is a constant, pretty, visual reminder of something of which we can't get enough reminders: "Hey, we can be really good at this." It celebrates accomplishments from all sports big (football, basketball) and small. And if Mizzou had such a museum, there would be quite the Karissa Schweizer display going up soon.

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Mizzou Tigers pennant CHAMP

We'll talk about football later in the day, but when Mizzou wins a national title, team or individual, we owe it to ourselves to share and celebrate it.

She HUNTED. THEM. DOWN. Schweizer Wins NCAA Cross Country National Championship

The Trib: MU runner Karissa Schweizer wins NCAA cross country championship

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Karissa Schweizer wins NCAA cross country championship

The Missourian: Missouri junior Karissa Schweizer wins NCAA women's cross-country championship

Mizzou Tigers pennant Huge volleyball win #25 @MizzouVB Wins Five Set Thriller Over #5 Florida

The Missourian: Missouri volleyball becomes big contender for SEC championship after win against Florida

KC Star: No. 25 Mizzou volleyball outlasts No. 5 Florida to keep SEC title hopes alive

Your new volleyball standings with a week to go in the race:

  1. Kentucky (15-2, 22-6)
  2. Florida (14-2, 24-3)
  3. Missouri (14-2, 23-5)
  4. Texas A&M (13-3, 19-8)
  5. Auburn (9-7, 15-14)

Mizzou plays at Georgia (1-15, 13-16) on Wednesday and hosts Tennessee (6-10, 16-13) on Saturday. Avoid upset in those two, and the worst the Tigers can do is tie for first. And since they went 3-0 against the two other teams tied with them ... well ... that would mean another "SEC Champs" banner in the Hearnes Center. Huge win yesterday.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Another top-10 win No. 5 @MizzouWrestling Downs No. 6 Virginia Tech, 23-19 at Jesse Auditorium

The Missourian: Eierman sparks Missouri wrestling's win over No. 6 Virginia Tech

Mizzou Tigers pennant A late bounceback

We'll get into Mizzou's Orlando performance more in the next few days, but for now I'll just say that ... 1-2 is better than 0-3. Mizzou looked like crap early in the second game of the tournament against Davidson and couldn't rally. This time, the Tigers looked like crap early and rallied. That's ... technically better! Now to address the "looking like crap in the first half" thing... @MizzouHoops and Walton Top Tulane, 67-62

Post-Dispatch: Walton sparks Mizzou rally to close Orlando tourney

KC Star: Missouri men's basketball team comes from behind to beat Tulane

The Missourian: Walton's big second half pushes Missouri past Tulane

B&G Illustrated: K.J. Walton Leads Missouri Hoops Past Tulane

Mizzou Tigers pennant Another Mizzou Inite title @MizzouSwimDive Takes Home Mizzou Invite Titles

The Trib: MU's Fabian Schwingenschlogl establishes himself as man to beat