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Missouri's Charles Harris on 2017 draft decision: "I’m definitely considering coming back."

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Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Missouri coach Barry Odom has told junior defensive end Charles Harris he can take part in Friday’s pregame senior day ceremony knowing Harris could enter the NFL draft and not return for his final year of eligibility. As of Monday’s practice Harris was unsure of his plans — for Friday and beyond.

"I haven’t really thought about it yet," he said.  "I’ve got to let him know by tomorrow, I guess. It would be cool if I did it, but it doesn’t really matter. ... "It’s not my senior day," he said. "I’m not a senior technically. That’s not my day at all. No attention toward me. It’s all toward them." [...]

"I’m really debating it," he said. "I’m definitely considering coming back."

-- Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Beisel braced for rival: Ar-Kansas

This is the time of year when people who are leaving for the draft announce their second thoughts and hint that they might stay. Many do it, even players whom you know should absolutely leave and make millions of dollars. (Here's your reminder of how hard the decision was for surefire first-round pick Jeremy Maclin, who almost had to be pushed out the door by Gary Pinkel.)

Charles Harris is an interesting case. He was a surefire first-rounder heading into the year, but now he's borderline. He's going to finish short of last year's 18.5 TFLs (barring an amazing game against Arkansas), and he's the leader of a defense that has cratered compared to last year. Whatever the true difference between last year's "ATTTAAAACK!" style and this year's attempted read-and-react approach, Harris showed almost no play-making ability out of the latter, producing just 5.5 TFLs in the first eight games -- four against Georgia and 1.5 in the other seven. Though Pro Football Focus' charting data professed that he was almost there and should still be treated as a first-rounder, it was disappointing production.

Then came the last three games. He has 6.5 TFLs in that span, 3.5 against Vanderbilt. He has proven that when his defense is in an attacking situation (i.e. passing downs and the like), he's got first-round attacking ability. But he's also struggled to help his team create those attacking situations.

Returning in 2017 could help to solidify Harris' first-round stock, but this late charge probably assured that he wouldn't slip past the second round in this coming April's draft. Is that enough? Is it worth risking injury to come back and try to raise your stock a single round? Is it worth waiting one more year to make good money on the off chance it helps you to make a little more?

My initial impression is no, he should leave. But there's more a case for him staying than there was in August. And now that I've entertained the notion of him staying (which would be fantastic), he'll declare for the draft, like, later today.

That Dave Matter story features some semi-hilarious Eric Beisel quotes as well, by the way. You can also check them out here. Zeus is one interesting dude.

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It doesn’t have to be Walton every time, but Missouri needs the kind of aggression he showed in the second half against Tulane to be successful. Anderson has been adamant about the fact that his team doesn’t have a designated guy who can score 20 points a night. [...]

Even if it isn’t the same guy, the Tigers need someone to take charge when they step on the floor. They lacked that in the first half against Tulane. It was a bunch of guys deferring to each other. Walton and Puryear stepped up and changed the game in the second half, and their play opened up lanes for others.

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