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Good morning! Missouri is investigating academic fraud allegations!

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Here are today's Mizzou Links. Happy Thanksgiving Eve?

It began last night with a vague, foreboding statement from the athletic department.

The University of Missouri has received allegations of potential academic rules violations by a former tutor in the Athletics Academic Services area. Consistent with our commitment to rules compliance and to operating our athletics program with integrity, we are conducting a review of the allegations. We also have informed the NCAA who is working with us on this matter. To protect the integrity of the review process, we will not comment further at this time.

-- Statement From Mizzou Athletics

Specifics then began to emerge.

The Post-Dispatch has obtained a message posted on Facebook by a woman who identifies herself as a former tutor for the athletics department and said she self-reported her participation in "academic dishonesty."

The woman’s name, Yolanda Kumar, matches that of an employee in the university’s online database listed as a tutor for Intercollegiate Athletics. ... On Facebook she posted: "I have knowingly participated in academic dishonesty in my position as a tutor at the University of Missouri-Columbia Intercollegiate Athletic department, which is not limited to assistance with assignments. I had taken and assisted with entrance assessment, completed entire courses, and I been present (sic) to provide assistance with online assessments."

-- Post-Dispatch: Mizzou athletics looks into allegations of academic violations by former tutor

More from Kumar:

It was encouraged, promoted, and supported by at least two Academic Coordinators for athletes in revenue generating sports, however, the wide spread desperation to succeed by other student-athletes at the bottom of an inverted pyramid of the organization’s construct cross (sic) multiple sports. I self-reported on November 2 and naively wanted to close the door on the manner after seeking counsel. I immediately resigned from my position on November 7 prior to meeting with a member for compliance, general counsel, and an individual that reports to the chancellor.

-- KC Star: NCAA investigating alleged academic fraud at Mizzou

Athletics academic services falls under Missouri's Total Person Program. According to Missouri's athletic department website website, the TPP employs more than 100 tutors, comprised of professionals, teaching assistants, graduate students and students from MU's honors college.

Tami Chievous is Missouri's associate athletics director for academic services.

-- The Trib: MU reveals it is investigating potential academic violations

So now we wait to find out, basically, a) how many athletes were involved, b) which sports were involved, c) when this happened, and d) among higher-ups, who actually knew.

This obviously isn't going to be good no matter what, but I can't really wrap my head around how bad this might be (or who it might be bad for) until we get those details. And I'm guessing we won't have to wait long before some of those details come out.

Good times, good times.

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