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Pregamin’ Arkansas

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Pictured: The first Thanksgiving on the Missouri/Arkansas border. (colorized)
Jack Peglow
Pregamin' Arky

Gameday attire:

Thank you, seniors


1. This season hasn't been the greatest in Mizzou's football history, but there have still been some highlights. What happened in 2016 that you are most thankful for?

Josh Matejka - I'm thankful for Damarea Crockett, Johnathan Johnson, and the hope that we'll have some fun players to watch in the coming years.

Jack Peglow - I’m thankful for the progress made by the offense. Mizzou may not be winning many games, but they’re at least scoring points. That’s progress. On top of that, the players responsible for most of those points are all coming back next season. I’m not worried about the defense. Barry Odom is still a fantastic defensive mind, he’ll get things heading back in the right direction. Once he does, the offense looks like it will be able to hold up its end of the bargain; which is a fun thing to think about.

Chris Bohkay - Beating Vandy, because they are some stupid court having people. Also most of the Georgia game was fun until it all went to crap. And the emergence of guys like Crockett and Johnson, though who knows if they'll stick around when the NCAA violations come down.

Sam Snelling - So much of 2016 was trash. Including Mizzou. If I'm thankful for anything it would be the offense has shown it's made progress. I trust Barry Odom to fix the defense because if there's something he's proven, it's that he can coach Defense. So I'm disappointed in the win-loss ratio, but the season has still left me hopeful for the future.

AlaTiger - The emergence of Crockett and the surprisingly good offensive line play.

2. We're now in year 3 of the "Battle Line" rivalry. How would you say things are going so far?

Matejka - Things are great! We're definitely not treating this as something more than a college football rivalry, where players are forced to apologize for benign smack talk that has no immediate effect on anything buy our social media lives. So yeah, everything is awesome!

Peglow - We’ve had one amazing game, and one pooper. If this season’s game is entertaining, we would have quite the (short) history. Even without that, things are shaping up pretty well. The fans are engaging in some nice trash-talk and the game’s participants seem to be invested.

Bohkay - I miss Mike Anderson so much...

Snelling - We're getting there. Arkansas and Missouri do have a pretty good natural rivalry but without the natural history of hostility that Mizzou and Kansas have. With that, it's probably a more healthy rival than Mizzou has had in the past. In time i'm sure we'll be talking all the necessary trash of Auburn/Alabama and Ole Miss/Miss St.

AlaTiger - It will take time. Each school having decent teams in the revenue sports will help accelerate it. But it's fine. I'm sure it's testiest in the epicenter in SW Mo.

3. If Missouri's offense and defense were both traditional Thanksgiving dishes, which tasty treats would they be and why?

Matejka - Missouri's offense would be sweet potatoes, because they're delicious and exciting but if you don't prepare them just right, it's all just a wasted exercise. This year's defense is that stuffing that looks great but is really just dry and overcooked. Both traditional parts of the Thanksgiving experience.

Peglow - Missouri’s offense is like a bad stuffing. Great first bite, but after that you realize it’s mostly just air and dry bread. The defense is a gravy that the cook tried to get too fancy with. You don’t need seventeen ingredients in your gravy, my man. It was perfect the way it was last year. That’s why we put you in charge of it.

Bohkay - The offense would be any dish that involves cream of mushroom soup, awful, just awful. The defense would be the passed oeur d''oeuvres, just a waste of time and not at all satisfying. The special teams would be cranberry sauce, tart and overlooked. The coaching would be the gravy cause it's kind of messy and the fans are the turkey because you're all the best.

Snelling - Mizzou's offense is stuffing. The right mixture provides the single best item on the plate, but too often it's just moist bread you try to cover up with gravy. Meanwhile the defense is almost certainly the cranberry sauce. It's something you know has to be there, you're not happy about it and try to avoid it as much as possible, but you still put it on your plate and hope for the best.

AlaTiger - Our family has cut all the bad dishes (in my view) out. Since it's just the three of us, we don't have bunch of people to accommodate. Smoked turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans blanched and then mixed with caramelized shallots and pancetta, and cranberry sauce from the can (sorry, Sam. I love it.). Mizzou's offense is the deliciousness of dark meat and gravy, while the defense is sad, dried out cornbread dressing which thankfully I never have to eat again, although I have to watch this defense one more time.