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Rhyan Loos' cancer has returned. Ugh. #RallyForRhyan

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Here are today's Mizzou Links. Sorry they aren't happier.

There's sports, and there's life. We focus most of our time on the former here, and that hasn't been as much fun as normal over the last couple of years. But then you add a discouraging real-life story to the mix, and it almost becomes too much to take.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you all got to hug some loved ones and/or find many reasons to give thanks. This has been a tough year, and within the Mizzou universe, it just got even tougher. #RallyForRhyan

Mizzou Tigers pennant ~8 hours to Arkansas

Post-DIspatch: 5 things to watch: Missouri vs. Arkansas
Post-DIspatch: Shootout brewing for Tigers, Razorbacks
The Missourian: Three things to watch when Missouri battles Arkansas
B&G Illustrated: Missouri-Arkansas Game Preview

Our family's spread was better imo


Post-DIspatch: Mizzou (1-6 in SEC) makes second CBS national TV apperance in a row

Senior Day

Post-DIspatch: Scherer to be honored Friday with other MU seniors

KC Star: Tight end Sean Culkin appreciates Mizzou journey on, off field

OL success + cool walk-on stories = the best OL success

The Trib: Former Bruin Jonah Dubinski becomes valuable asset as walk-on for Tigers

There are still some reasons

PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Time to give thanks

Stay cool

The Trib: Missouri offers athletes a cool way to feel better

Mizzou Tigers pennant This is not going to be a fun story to follow

KC Star: Former Mizzou tutor tells why she allegedly helped student-athletes cheat

It seems in both tutoring and recruiting, the goal tends to be plausible deniability. "Make sure he/she passes." It's long been easy to assume this is an environment ripe for cheating, and in this environment it only takes one person, for lack of a better term, going rogue. Naturally, the rogue one (see what I did there?) pops up at Mizzou. Regardless, this is almost certainly going to result in some punishment down the line, even if the NCAA cannot prove that anyone higher up than the tutor herself 'knew' this was going on. I'm much more concerned about basketball than football, simply because basketball has been the source of other NCAA violations in recent history. Add enough of those together, and you get pretty far down the "lack of institutional control" path. We'll see.

The Trib: MU coaches respond to academic fraud allegations

The Trib (Blake Toppmeyer): Odom: 'I look forward to working with all the parties involved' to get more info on academic fraud allegations

Post-DIspatch: Former Mizzou athletics tutor said her superiors groomed her for 'academic dishonesty'

Mizzou Tigers pennant ~1 day to a shot at the SEC title #22 @MizzouVB Hosts Tennessee on Senior Night, 2016 SEC Title in Sight Mizzou's Kreklow Named SEC Volleyball Coach of the Year, Three Tigers Named All-SEC

Mizzou Tigers pennant ~1 day to Northwestern State

The Trib: Lesson learned, Phillips eager to bounce back

Mizzou Tigers pennant SECOND? Holy crap @MizzouSwimDive Men's Program Ranked Second Nationally