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Mizzou-NC Central Live Thread!

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After a big win on Saturday, Missouri re-enters their own arena hoping to move to 4-2.


North Carolina Central Eagles
Missouri Tigers




Monday, November 28th @ 7pm CST


Mizzou Arena
Columbia, Missouri


Checking on the progress


Maybe Jarrett, maybe Ben Arnett, who knows?!


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Keeping an eye on the Four Factors! For a quick explanation on what they mean: Click Here!

Mizzou-NC Central KenPom

The advantage for the Tigers is on the defensive side of the ball against the Eagles. Particularly if you take into the fact that the Eagles are pretty good on offense, but not good at offensive rebounds. The Tigers aren't a great rebounding team but have played good defense when you look at all of the advanced metrics. It's still early, but that's a good trend. Mizzou will need to take advantage of open opportunities on the other end of the floor, which is something they haven't done with consistency for a few games. So let's stop that and start shooting better. In fact, make 3's while you're there too.

If there's one thing that jumps out it's the experience factor. NC Central is the most experienced team in the country at 2.86 years, Mizzou is very near the bottom in this category at 347th, with just 0.86 years of experience. Basically, the Tigers are going to be by far the more talented team, and by far the less experienced. They play a lot of man-defense, and shoot a reasonable amount of 3's. Weirdly enough, during Bill's SBN Football coverage he was sent to North Carolina and somehow ended up watching the Eagles play basketball.

I was actually in NCCU's gym, watching the Eagles play Jackson State the night before the A&T-Central game I wrote about. They were missing their best post man (6'7 Kyle Benton) and had to rely more on 3-pointers, but the 3s fell. Benton's a bull in the rebounding department, but it's unclear whether he'll play. They have a very experienced backcourt -- Patrick Cole had 26 in NCCU's near-upset of Ohio State -- but I'm thinking the Tigers should be comfortable here unless Benton's around to bully the boards.

If you haven't, you should probably read Bill's piece: Eagle-Aggie, Aggie-Eagle

Maybe wait until after the game, but, ya know. Either way the game is happening tonight, I predict Mizzou will win, because the Tigers have been good at home against lesser opponents if you exclude the first game of Kim Anderson's coaching tenure. So expect this game to be closer than recent ones against MEAC teams, but expect the Tigers to pull it out.