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Pregamin’ South Carolina

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Chicken is back on the menu, boys.
Jack Peglow

Gameday attire:


1. Things aren't going very well for our Tigers, but we're all still paying attention because we are wonderful, dedicated fans. There are plenty of folks out there who aren't convinced that watching a Missouri football game would be a fruitful way to spend their Saturday, though. What would you suggest these fans on the fence do to spice things up enough to justify putting Mizzou on their schedule?

AlaTiger - Get up early and run at least a 10K, preferably in a race. Then knock out a bunch of errands, followed by some physical chores. By game time you will be exhausted, and nothing will be more appealing than sitting on the couch with a beverage and watching the game.

Jack Peglow - If you sit through the tough times now, you get to hold it over those who didn’t when Mizzou gets good again. Who doesn’t like a reason to yell about your superior fandom?

Sam Snelling - I find that being snarky on twitter during football sporting contests is a good way to spend your afternoon.

Chris Bohkay - Drinking and Eating! If you've got a smoker or a grill or a kitchen, make something very fun and large, something big. Then when game time comes around set up your plate and then drink every time Mizzou does something that upsets you. This way you get comfortably numb and just let the boozy fog envelop you before Bama and LSU play football later in the night after your sad nap.

PBoggs - Make a drinking game out of it! Example: Anytime our O-Line has a false start, chug... never mind... that actually could be extremely dangerous.

Josh Matejka - If you can't get yourself jazzed up with the eternal optimism of a true sports fan person, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe watch highlights of past Mizzou glories and spend a few hours convincing yourself, "This team will turn it around and be the second coming of the 2007 team!" Optimism is where it's at, y'all.

2. Let's talk about things being bad. We've discussed why Mizzou isn't firing anyone ad nauseam, we've lamented over the injuries, and we've found hope in the performance of the young guns. What we haven't talked about is how we go there. In your opinion, what went wrong for Missouri this season?

AlaTiger - The nearly complete wipe-out of the senior class is the primary contributor, followed by injuries, which have been bringing back memories of 2012.

Peglow - Injuries, departures, and changes in scheme all played a part, but the biggest factor in my opinion is the total lack of confidence displayed by the Tigers. Sometimes, it looks like they’re missing tackles because they themselves don’t think they’ll be able to bring down the ball-carrier. The mind is a tricky beast, and Mizzou needs to get theirs right if they want to improve.

Snelling - I can't decide if I want to answer this question with a joke or with honesty. So I'm going to punt, like Missouri's offense.

Bohkay - It seems like the past two recruiting classes kind of barfed all over themselves and didn't quite measure up to the SEC recruiting Mizzou needed. Hopefully Odom gets it fixed. And of course, the answer to all Mizzou's issues, THIS IS ALL FRANK HAITH'S FAULT!!!! HE DESTROYED EVERYTHING, AND IS THE CAUSE OF ALL OF MIZZOU'S PROBLEMS!!!!

PBoggs - 2015 happened. We are now the new Penn State... oh and not recruiting Texas kinda hurt.

Matejka - To be quite honest, I think the lack of permanent captains has been understated. Veteran leadership is key in a sport full of college students, so having those people in place to guide you and bear the responsibility is very important. I understand Odom may not have found anyone suitable to that task... but that's just another thing that went wrong, isn't it?

3. In case you hadn't heard, the first edition of the College Football Playoff rankings were released earlier this week. What are your thoughts on the current lay of the land, and who do you think ends up occupying the top four slots?

AlaTiger - Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Washington. No conference gets two in.

Peglow -

My objectively correct rankings.
Jack Peglow

Snelling - Does it matter who Bama lays waste to in January? Alas, it does not.

Bohkay - I'm enjoying it because the Big 12 isn't included and that makes me happy. But honestly I don't really care, this will all shake out after the first week of December and all this does is make the college football playoff committee look silly. This why the NCAA Tournament Committee only gives us one set of brackets on one day, so they only look stupid for a few hours instead of a month and a half. And seriously, how in the hell did Syracuse, Vanderbilt and Tulsa get in ahead of St. Mary's, Monmouth and San Diego State?! IT'S OUTRAGEOUS!

PBoggs - All that people need to discuss is how Michigan's non mobile qb system can score against Bama's defense? SPOILER ALERT: No team with a pro-style qb system can score enough points against Bama's defense this year. So congrats Alabama on your 19th, 16th, whatever amount of national championships you have.

Matejka - I'm cool with the first rankings, despite the fact they mean next to nothing - they're essentially like preseason or glorified power rankings. Assuming the world doesn't end in a apocalyptic fireball, Alabama will be in. As long as they don't Clemson it, Clemson should be there. I'm also assuming the winner of Michigan vs. Ohio State will take the third spot. But that fourth one? My heart and head both say and want Louisville, but the forever belly-aching about undefeated teams probably means Washington will get a shot.

In the interest of bringing back some mojo of teams long since past, I’m resurrecting this gem.
Jack Peglow