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Missouri releases early 2017 depth chart, basically

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Okay, it’s for the Vandy game.

Missouri v South Carolina Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Missouri has released its depth chart and game notes for the Vanderbilt game. Here’s the two-deep:

Because I am in complete and total 2017 mode at this point, and nobody can stop me, let’s look at this two-deep from the perspective of next season.


(2017 year of eligibility listed below)

Drew Lock (6’4, 220, Jr.)
Marvin Zanders (6’1, 200, Jr.)

Obviously people are wondering if Zanders will stick around if his role doesn’t increase, but based on playing time I think it’s clear that the staff would rather ride Lock and take its chances.

Ish Witter (5’10, 200, Sr.) OR
Damarea Crockett (5’11, 220, So.)

The happiest moment of Saturday’s game: After Crockett’s touchdown run early in the second quarter, SECN showed him on the sideline, getting intensely congratulated by Witter, Alex Ross, and Nate Strong. This appears to be a tightly-knit group, and only Ross will be gone from it next year.

J’Mon Moore (6’3, 205, Sr.)
Eric Laurent

Johnathon Johnson (5’10, 185, So.) OR
Chris Black OR
UNLISTED: Ray Wingo (5’11, 185, Jr.)
UNLISTED: Richaud Floyd (5’11, 185, So.)

Dimetrios Mason (6’0, 185, So.)
Emanuel Hall (6’3, 205, Jr.)

The biggest issue for this team heading into next year: Perhaps half of Missouri’s most interesting receivers heading into next year are slot receivers. Johnson, Wingo, and Floyd have all shown massive flashes, and Mason could play there, too. The only guys with any size whatsoever are Moore and Hall.

Sean Culkin
Kendall Blanton (6’6, 260, Jr.) OR
Jason Reese (6’5, 250, Sr.)

Of course, there’s plenty of size here and plenty of reason to be pretty excited about Blanton.

Tyler Howell (6’8, 320, Sr.)
Kyle Mitchell (6’5, 330, Jr.)

Kevin Pendleton (6’4, 335, Jr.)
Trystan Castillo (6’4, 320, So.)

Samson Bailey (6’4, 295, Jr.)
Michael Stannard
Jonah Dubinski (6’2, 290, So.)

Adam Ploudre (6’4, 315, Sr.)
Alec Abeln (6’3, 305, Sr.)

Paul Adams (6’6, 315, Jr.)
Tre’Vour Simms (6’5, 350, So.)

Tee hee, 10 of 11 return for a unit that has improved a solid amount this year.


Marcell Frazier (6’5, 260, Sr.)
Jordan Harold (6’2, 265, Sr.)

Rickey Hatley
Markell Utsey (6’4, 290, So.)

A.J. Logan (6’2, 325, Sr.)
Josh Augusta

Charles Harris
Spencer Williams (6’3, 250, Jr.)

MASSIVE RED FLAG #1. Holy moly, Frazier and guys like Nate Howard and Tre Williams better be ready to step up next year. And holy moly, Terry Beckner Jr. better be ready to rock.

(And yes, I’m still assuming Charles Harris declares. Wouldn’t complain if he didn’t.)

Donavin Newsom
Terez Hall (6’2, 225, Jr.)

Joey Burkett (6’2, 225, Sr.) OR
Brandon Lee (6’2, 225, Jr.)

Eric Beisel (6’3, 230, Sr.)
Cale Garrett (6’3, 230, So.)

I’m feeling quite a bit better about this unit with the way that Beisel has been playing and with the flashes enough other youngsters (Lee, Hall, Garrett, etc.) have shown. Regardless, this only matters if the line holds up.

John Gibson
DeMarkus Acy (6’2, 190, So.)

Aarion Penton
Logan Cheadle (5’10, 180, Sr.)

MASSIVE RED FLAG #2. But we’ve covered this one already.

Anthony Sherrils (6’0, 205, Sr.) OR
Ronnell Perkins (6’0, 200, So.)
Unlisted: TJ Warren (5’11, 210, So.)

Cam Hilton (6’0, 190, Jr.)
Thomas Wilson (5’10, 195, Sr.)

Minimal red flags here. Lots of options, lots of guys who have stepped up at random times. (And since Warren’s been playing quite a bit of late, it’s kind of silly not to list him on the two-deep. Create a nickel back spot on there if you need to.)