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10th Annual Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest

The Sweet Smell of Mediocrity™ returns, and it's a whopping ten years old!

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year, as what is considered the longest standing tradition on Rock M Nation is back in action. The Sweet Smell of Mediocrity™" has returned in the 10th annual installment of the Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em Contest. We've managed to be mediocre for an entire decade!

For anyone new, the contest is pretty simple. All the bowl games with their corresponding point spreads and over/unders are listed in the form below. Just fill 'em in, and you're done! Google forms makes it nice and easy. I'm going to try and update/start from scratch / somehow get the all-time tracking spreadsheet all caught up, so stay tuned for that.

As always, this isn't just an RMN deal. Anyone from the SBN world is sincerely invited to join and play along. While it's just bragging rights, it's still a good time. Due to a little confusion (waves at Bill C.!) this post is going up pretty close to the start of the bowl season, so get to it! The form will allow submissions until 11:00 am central time on Saturday, as that's when the first game kicks off.

Just fill in your handle, you'll see the first bowl game. For those of you unfamiliar with the spread, you're not just picking who wins the game, you're picking based on the spread. For the first game, the line reads "Celebration Bowl:NC Central vs. Grambling (-14.5)." If you select Grambling, you not only believe Grambling will win, but they'll win by more than 14.5. If you select NC Central, you believe they'll straight up win, or will be within 14.5 if they lose. The next part is the over/under, which for the first game is at 57.5. So pick over if you think the teams combined score will be over that, or pick under if you think they won't.

Spreads and over/unders are through's consensus line at time of publish as, a. that's who we've always used, and b. we did so because they're one of the few sites to show both figures. Lines are locked, so once the form closes, you can't change your picks if someone gets injured or what not. Don't worry if you don't think you're not skilled enough to play along, luck plays more a part than anything, we even have a coin flip as an entry. Use whatever manner to decide your picks, but just make sure to fill them all out as it's a pretty long form, so keep scrolling until you reach the final tie-breaker questions. Have at it, folks, and good luck!