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Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em. The first update, and the "under" rules.

Well, six games into our contest and outside of a push, every game went under, and the community as a whole really blew the Las Vegas bowl.

SDSU had a great game, Houston.......not so much.
SDSU had a great game, Houston.......not so much.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first update in our bowl pick 'em. While I will try to update the spreadsheet each day after the weekday games, an actual post update may not happen until the end of the week or maybe on Saturday ahead of the evening game. We'll see. But you can certainly check out the updated stats as the week goes on.

Well, we didn't fare so hot as a group. A push in the Camellia bowl helped (as a push is a win for everyone) as that took our winning percentage from around 39% to the current line of 47.4%. Our worst bowl by far, as mentioned, was the drubbing of  Houston by San Diego State. Only 26% picked SDSU, and even worse, only 13% chose the under. If you were going more for the under, you're probably in decent shape, as no game hit the over. Outside of the "everybody wins" push, the group as a whole did the best in the New Orleans Bowl, with 60% correctly picking Southern Miss

Checking on the early leader board, 2inthePinkel is on top at 10-2, followed by shaffe and Wooderson who are both at 9-3. On the other end, both thed6651 and BigKen1960 stand in last place, at 2-10. The coin flip entry sits at 7-5, and yours truly had to lose a point since I forgot to make my picks in time. I may try to put together the all-time list, but that might be near the end of the contest. In case you missed it, the Celebration bowl's ending included a penalty for excessive celebration. Define irony.

Tomorrow's lone game is the Miami Beach bowl, most of us went with Central Michigan as only 44% (see what I did there?) picked Tulsa to cover. Tuesday's match-up is nearly a 50/50 toss up if WKU covers, and both games the under was heavily favored. Only 16 people selected the over for Tuesday. We're pretty split between BYU/Wyoming but the majority went for Colorado State over Idaho.

You can find the stats HERE. As done in prior years, the first tab has the form submissions, colored in green (correct) or red (wrong). The second tab has the results, otherwise known as the boring data part, at the bottom of that one are the pick percentages, and then the third tab is the leader board. We're close as a group to fifty percent, maybe we can make up some ground this week. Good luck! (And though it wasn't an actual bowl game, the "snow bowl" of the D2 championship was fun to watch.