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Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em: A Christmas Eve update.

The group got a little closer to that fifty percent line, but just didn't quite get there. Finally had our first over, and that didn't help matters at all.

Louisiana Tech. may have won, but for our contest, Navy beat the spread.
Louisiana Tech. may have won, but for our contest, Navy beat the spread.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the second update of our little contest. The community as a whole crept a little closer to being right at fifty percent, so maybe there's hope we can be a little less mediocre than at last look. Just glancing at the rest of the slate, I'll probably do another mid to end of next week. I know, how exciting! At least today's pushes back my other goal of wrapping a bunch of stuff. Procrastination, ftw! Let's break down all the action and fun.

Our overall line sits at 49.75%, so hey, we're at least going in the right direction. A push on the spread in the Bahamas Bowl helped things, as, once again, it's a win for everyone. Unfortunately, we finally had our first "over" and since the Boca Raton bowl's (Memphis vs WKU) O/U was set pretty high at 79, only sixteen people took that option. The group's best pick outside of the push was another O/U in the Dollar General bowl (Ohio vs. Troy) with 75.41% correctly taking the over.

So, now with 26 picks all wrapped up, we had a few shifts on the leader board. Currently, a group of four, consisting of GreenChileMizzou, hane5, Nodak22 and shaffe, sits at the top with a 17-9 record. Six people sit right behind them at 16-10, and our coin flip pick is doing pretty well at 15-11. FNU2 and thed6651 sit at the bottom of the list at 8-18, with a handful of people at 9-17. Of course, still plenty of games ahead, so stay tuned.

Only game tonight (oh hey look, something to watch while wrapping stuff) is the Hawaii bowl featuring Middle Tennessee State against, not shockingly, Hawaii. Bonus for the MTSU players. At contest publish time, this one didn't have a spread or O/U, so the "just pick the winner" favors MTSU a lot. Only 14 people went with Hawaii. Looking ahead at the next three games, the group is pretty split around 50/50 for most of the picks outside of the St. Petersburg bowl (Miami OH vs. Mississippi State), where only 13 went with Miami of Ohio.

You can check it all out HERE. For those of you who missed the first update, the first tab has the form submissions, colored in green (correct) or red (wrong). The second tab has the results, otherwise known as the boring data part, at the bottom of that one are the pick percentages, and then the third tab is the leader board, with names alphabetically sorted after the record. Of course, that means nothing, as the two tiebreaker questions will come into play. Good luck!