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Former Missouri center Evan Boehm will get his first NFL start on Sunday

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Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Evan Boehm, former four-year Mizzou starter, was selected by Arizona in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and was basically taking a redshirt to get up to speed. Plans changed when the Cardinals’ latest starter at right guard, Taylor Boggs, went down with a season-ending injury. Boehm played most of last week’s game and will get the start this weekend against the Rams.

Boehm got mixed reviews from coach Bruce Arians with his performance in Seattle against the Seahawks.

“He played really well when he didn’t screw up,” Arians told reporters Tuesday at his press conference. “It’s just blitzes that he turned guys loose up the middle. That happens real fast when you’re at guard. When he was on his guy, he blocked really well.”

Arians has said earlier in the season he hoped guys like Boehm and fellow rookie lineman Cole Toner didn’t play this season because it would have meant injuries. He has also said both Boehm and Toner aren’t ready yet.

That was indeed quite the mixed review.

Boehm’s career at Mizzou was mixed as well, of course. His own performance was mostly exemplary when he was healthy, but in four years of starting on the Tigers’ offensive line, he was part of two of the most impressive, relied-upon lines in recent memory ... and two of the most disappointing.

He was part of the thing, banged-up line of 2012, and he was playing on one ankle when the 2015 line (and entire offense) fell apart. He was also a key contributor of the 2013 line that drove Mizzou’s top-five finish and the 2014 line that took matters into its own hands over the second half of the season. And now he’s been thrust into a role with another banged-up line out west. Kick some butt, No. 77 ... er, No. 70.

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More Links

  • The Post-Dispatch’s Ben Frederickson says Barry Odom must protect the East St. Louis pipeline. “Odom must be prepared for a sinister conclusion. One East St. Louis player with an ax to grind is just that. Two can be turned into a trend by rival recruiters and others with an agenda. Do the Tigers have an East St. Louis problem? This is how harmful speculation starts.”
  • The prognosis for former Mizzou guard Juanita Robinson, shot this past week in Chicago, seems to be looking up.

She began a GoFundMe to help with medial expenses.