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Mizzou-Western Kentucky Game Thread!

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Follow along with us as we watch the Tigers take on the Hilltoppers today at Mizzou Arena!

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The Tigers are looking to rebound after their weird loss to North Carolina Central and take on a team in the first season under Rick Stansbury.




An athletic competition of men's basketball


December 3, 2016, 2 pm CDT


Mizzou Arena
Columbia, MO


Because we tryna win a GAME!


Ben Arnett & Jarrett Sutton


Tiger Radio Network
Mike Kelly, Gary Link

Keeping an eye on the Four Factors! For a quick explanation on what they mean: Click Here!

Mizzou WKU KenPom Four Factors

Missouri should be able to do some damage today on the defensive end of the floor. But the key for Missouri obviously is which offensive team is going to show up. If they're making shots, WKU is just bad enough offensively to get blow out, but if the Tigers struggle like they have at times this season it's going to be a tough contest.


Even with the disappointment of the NC Central game, this is still a contest which KenPom projects Mizzou to win by eight, and they're certainly capable of winning by more. A good game from Missouri will leave them with a 15-20 point spread, a mediocre performance probably means they're looking at a 5-8 point win. And if they're bad again they could lose. But I don't expect that to happen today as the Tigers are young, but I think they'll rebound nicely from their loss on Monday and win this game handily.

Feel free to pick your trifecta, maybe go out on a limb and pick something like Willie Jackson-Cullen VanLeer-Jordan Geist... or be boring and go Hughes, Puryear, Phillips. I'm personally hoping to see one of those 7/8 FG, 9 RB, 2-3 dunks kind of performances from Jackson. Let's get it.

So what say you?