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Missouri basketball and the NEWEST new low

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Here are today’s super happy Mizzou Links.

So! Remember how Lipscomb was by far the most winnable game that Missouri had left on the schedule? Let’s check the game recaps to see how that went!

With last night’s 81-76 loss to the Fightin’ Bisons, Missouri is now 22-19 at home under Kim Anderson. Take out games against teams ranked worse than 250th by Ken Pomeroy — a really low bar — and that record falls to 13-18. At home.

I was thrilled to see an announced attendance of 6,892.

Willie Jackson transferred. Frankie Hughes evidently took his time coming back home from Cleveland. Mizzou has lost or sent away 13 scholarship players in three years. It’s not hard to see that list growing to 15 or so by the end of the season. And over the last month, Mizzou has lost to NC Central, Eastern Illinois, and Lipscomb. Arizona traded jabs with the Tigers and then knocked them out. Illinois begged Mizzou to win Braggin’ Rights, and Mizzou boldly said no.

My stance on firing coaches midseason is generally that it doesn’t really matter. You can get a head start on fleshing out your candidates list no matter what, and the only reason to fire early — it “sends a message” to your fans that you know things are unacceptable — doesn’t actually result in more fans filling the stands. So you can take your time.

But ... though it is still pretty statistically unlikely ... a 5-26 finish is absolutely on the table for this team. I said that the Tigers needed to beat Lipscomb and LSU to feel confident they could top 10 wins, and the best Mizzou will now do in that stretch is 1-1.

Granted, there’s no way that Mizzou can catch its worst ever string of basketball (that would be the 6-43 stretch under Bob Vanatta in the 1965-66 and 1966-67 seasons), but this is really, really, really, really bad. And it is getting worse. There is urgency here, and a midseason fire would at least ease some of that.

I wouldn’t object, in other words.

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