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Rock M Nation Bowl Pick 'Em: A New Year's Eve update

We're still mediocre heading into the final stretch, and no love for Florida State.

If you picked Florida State, you chose wisely.
If you picked Florida State, you chose wisely.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year's Eve, friends! Perhaps you're in the "2016 sucked, let's move on" or you're happy with the year, either way, uncork the not-really actual champagne and enjoy your day. Plenty of football to keep you entertained, including the first playoff games. For those keeping track or really bored, let's take a look how we're doing in our contest.

Well, not so great. We slipped a few percentage points as a whole, now sitting at 46.51%, and the Orange Bowl really hurt, with only eleven people correctly picking Florida State. Although if you didn't watch, it was a pretty good game with the winning touchdown scored in the last minute.  From a quick look, that's the worst team pick so far in the whole thing. (The San Diego State game's O/U still is the worst pick overall.) On the bright side, SEC solidarity or what, 72% correctly went with Georgia over TCU. We also had the Belk bowl (don't steal stuff, kids!) where Arkansas decided to only score in first half, and Virginia Tech only in the second half, with Tech winning.

So with, by my count, sixteen actual picks remaining, outside of the tiebreaker questions, of course some changes in our leader board. KCTIGER sits atop at 39-26, with Pete_in_Texas and stlcardinalsfang right behind. Our random Coin Flip pick is doing pretty well at 36-29. On the other end of things, FNU22 sits solely at 21-44, with a small group a little ahead at 24-41.  Not shockingly, the group as a whole is going with 'Bama, but we're almost 50/50 for the Clemson/Ohio State affair.

Track all the fun here.For those of you who missed the updates so far, the first tab has the form submissions, colored in green (correct) or red (wrong). The second tab has the results, at the bottom of that one are the pick percentages, and then the third tab is the leader board, with names alphabetically sorted after the record. I will try to update today's games by tonight, but worst case, tomorrow morning for sure. Good luck! Remember, it's all for braggin' rights and Denmoney, only because, no matter what the state of our basketball program, his 3/4 shot vs. Memphis will always be one of my favorite memories.