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Zanders is gone and women's volleyball heads to Minnesota.

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Better late than never! Today's links.

Apologies to our very early morning readers.

Mizzou Tigers pennantZanders............he gone.

Bill C. has already discussed this here. I'm on the "good luck, was nice to have you while we did" side of things. But not entirely shocking news.

The Trib (Blake Toppmeyer) Zanders announces he'll transfer

STL Today (Dave Matter) Mizzou quarterback Marvin Zanders plans to transfer

Mizzou Tigers pennant Basketball welcomes Arizona

Yesterday in the Basketball post comments, there was a fairly lengthy discussion on atmosphere and what all does a loud, home environment do for a team. I can't judge or complain as I won't be there, but it would be nice to the stands somewhat full. Hopefully the team just plays up to the competition level like against Xavier.

Mizzou set for a showdown versus #20 Arizona

Mizzou hopes for a big crowd against Arizona

A few of the players decided to take the attendance matter into their own hands Wednesday. Sophomore guard Terrence Phillips and freshman forward Willie Jackson bought a number of tickets for the game against Arizona and gave them to students on campus if they answered trivia questions.

Mizzou Tigers pennantWomen's Volleyball has a huge match this weekend.

After knocking off Purdue in a little revenge match, they face quite the opponent going against #2 Minnesota.

STL Today - Mizzou has a unique style

Fresh off breezing through the first two rounds of the 64-team tournament, the No. 15 seed Tigers continue their march through the bracket Friday with their biggest challenge of the season, a regional semifinal showdown against No. 2 Minnesota (27-4) in Minneapolis. First serve is set for 7:15 p.m. on ESPN3.

The winner advances to Saturday’s regional final against the winner of No. 7 North Carolina (29-3) and No. 10 UCLA (26-6). The Tigers last advanced to the regional semifinals in 2010 and have reached the regional final just once in 17 seasons under the Kreklows, in 2005.

The Missourian - Disrespect!!

"People from their team have already told me that they think this is going to be an easy rout for them, especially playing us," Crow said. "So they are not expecting us to come with this caliber, just a team from Missouri."

Minnesota is ranked No. 2 in the NCAA and expects to make it to the Final Four, whereas Missouri is ranked No. 9 but has nothing to lose.

Speaking of home advantage......

The Trib - Minnesota defends their home court in Minneapolis regional

Mizzou Tigers pennant Wresting didn't fare so well. 

#5 Mizzou falls to #4 Ohio State

Mizzou Tigers pennantWomen's Basketball

Mizzou hosts Wichita State tonight.

The Tigers are looking for their 30th straight nonconference home victory

Mizzou Tigers pennant Misc.

If you missed it or have some time today, Dave Matter's chat from yesterday.

Happy Friday everyone and sorry it's somewhat of an abbreviated links post.