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Ryan Rosburg has been making the most of his final games in a Missouri uniform

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

So Mizzou scored another 2016 football commitment last night -- this time from St. Louis WR Harry Ballard. We'll address that in a separate post shortly.

Mizzou Tigers pennant 8 games left, 7 after tonight @MizzouHoops Hits Road for Trip to Vanderbilt on Wednesday

* Mizzou Men's Basketball (8-15, 1-9) continues on the road at Vanderbilt on Wednesday, Feb. 10, with an 8 p.m. tipoff scheduled for broadcast on the SEC Network.

* Freshman forward Kevin Puryear scored a season-high 22 points at Alabama (Feb. 6) for his second career 20-point game. He leads the Tigers in overall scoring with his 11.3 points per game.

* Senior forward Ryan Rosburg had a career-best outing against the Crimson Tide with 17 points on 7-of-12 shooting from the field (3-of-3 FT), along with 7 rebounds.

Post-Dispatch: Rosburg makes most of final stretch

"Ryan’s been great from the day I walked into this arena," Anderson said. "When I walked into the first meeting two years ago — it seems like 10 years ago — he was sitting on the front row. … He’s been a great person and a joy to coach. We’ve got eight games left and I hope we can finish them off good for him. He’s certainly played well lately. I’m really happy for him. He’s taking advantage of his opportunities. I hope he has a good time the last eight games."

Rosburg’s averages don’t stir memories of former Mizzou pivot players Steve Stipanovich or Arthur Johnson, but by all measures he’s one of MU’s few returning players who’s improved this season, averaging 5.0 points and 3.3 rebounds a game while shooting 62 percent from the floor, which would rank No. 2 in the SEC if he took enough shots to qualify for the league leaders.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Yes, stars matter, at least a little bit

The Trib (David Morrison): Talent vs. Time: Which wins out when it comes to MU?

For one team in a very limited sample of three years, it appears talent (247Sports composite rating) has more to do with success than time put in (average years in the system or starting).

Yes, even at Missouri.

The Tigers' best defense over the past three years -- this season -- had the best average rating of the three (.8557), while the average years in the system (2.25) and average years starting (.548) both ranked last of the three.

The Tigers' best offense over the past three years -- 2013 -- had the best average rating of the three (.8785), the second-best average years in the system (2.83) and the best average years starting (.778).

Mizzou Tigers pennant The latest dumb SEC vs. Big Ten turf battle:

SB Nation: The SEC is trying to block Michigan’s planned spring break practices in Florida

Jim Harbaugh announced on National Signing Day that Michigan is planning to host part of its spring practice in Florida at high school powerhouse IMG Academy. That is unorthodox, and there is a clear recruiting motivation to go South to a top high school program, but Harbaugh responded that "you're allowed to cross state borders in my America."

Unsurprisingly, the SEC is mad about the invasion into its recruiting area. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey told CBS Sports that it will attempt to block Harbaugh's move. The supposed reason? Athletes' time demands.

You knew the SEC was going to come up with a reason to push back on Harbaugh's idea just because, so maybe this is a "right for the wrong reasons" situation, but ... Harbaugh is kind of taking away these players' Spring Break periods. Granted, I'm sure they would figure out a way to have quite a bit of fun in Florida, and for all we know, maybe the players are all on board with this idea. But athletes do tend to get Spring Break off, even when it's in the middle of spring football.

Mizzou Tigers pennant One Step Further

Mizzou Tigers pennant A late fade in Orlando

University of Missouri Athletics - #23 @MUWomensGolf Finishes Third at UCF Challenge