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Stacy Elliott's framed Mizzou jersey donated to Goodwill

Ezekiel Elliot'ts father found out some fans are still upset about his decision.

via Stacy Elliott's twitter

Stacy Elliott, the father of Ohio State Buckeye running back Ezekiel Elliott made a somewhat humorous discovery today.

Dawn Elliott, Stacy's wife, chimed in when she found out.

Dawn Elliott was a track star at the University of Missouri. Stacy Elliott played linebacker for Mizzou on one of the most infamous teams in college football history.

Stacy Elliott was a linebacker during the bad old days at Missouri. He played on teams that compiled a 12-31-1 record. He says he was at the point of attack during the most agonizing loss of all, the Fifth-Down Game against Colorado.

The younger Elliott is perhaps most well known for his decision to attend Ohio State over Mizzou, saying "I've always been a Tiger and I'll always be a Tiger."

Last fall, Bill Connelly wrote that Ezekiel Elliott made the right decision.

Stacy Elliott has become an integral part of Urban Meyer's Buckeye organization. Pat Forde called him an "unofficial Ohio State recruiter" in an article from this time last year. In this story from July of 2014, Elliott is described as a "helper, someone they bring in when they host big-time recruits to talk to parents and give testimonials about Ohio State and how it handled the recruiting process."

Which naturally makes one wonder what Elliott is doing in Columbia, Missouri. Is he just in town visiting, or perhaps is he doing a little recruiting for Ohio State despite his son having declared for the NFL draft?

But perhaps even more puzzling, as someone in the comments below noted, is why would a Mizzou fan frame a Stacy Elliott jersey in the first place?

Regardless, according to Dawn Elliott, the family is going to hang the picture up in their home next to Ezekiel's framed jerseys. At least whoever donated it didn't do what Cleveland fans are famous for doing to jerseys.