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Michael Porter Jr. on Mizzou: "I think they’re going to get there."

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Hall of Famers.

Also: Shane Ray.

The Trib (David Morrison): A Few More Good Minutes with...Shane Ray

The Trib: Ray enjoys trip back to old MU stomping grounds

Post-Dispatch: Mizzou notes: Super Bowl winner Ray proud of MU players' cohesiveness last fall

Mizzou Tigers pennant Michael Porter Jr. continues to say nice things about Mizzou

Post-Dispatch: Porter is blazing a trail toward stardom

Post-Dispatch: Michael Porter Jr. Q&A: On recruiting, Mizzou, NBA

Q: How do you view Missouri’s program right now?

A: I respect what they’re trying to do there. You’ve go to think about it: That’s a coach (Kim Anderson) who just got there a couple years ago and he has all brand new players. He restarted the program basically. You can’t shame them. Look how young they are, all freshmen and sophomores. They have a lot of potential I think. I think they’re going to get there. I’m not looking at that program and saying, ‘Man, they’re trash. I’d never go there.’ I’m looking at it like it’s a growing program and I’d have a chance to do something great there if I wanted to.

Q: Other programs on your list are more established, but would it be appealing to go somewhere like Missouri and have a chance to be the player who turns things around?

A: There’s an appeal to each school on my list. Like Kentucky and Duke and Kansas, those are the schools where I feel like I can go and definitely get prepared for the NBA after one or two years. Mizzou, it’s a school where I think I can go and be remembered forever. Washington, I’d have a chance to play under my godfather (Lorenzo Romar). At Oklahoma, I could play with Trae. There’s just something about every school, and that’s what makes it so hard.

And we assume we know who Mizzou's coach is going to be

Post-Dispatch: Speculation about Anderson's future with Mizzou is prevalent

The Trib (Steve Walentik): Anderson vague when faced with question about his own future (and other notes)

If Anderson has received any assurances about continuing in his post beyond this season, he didn’t say so when asked about his future during his weekly press conference Thursday.

"We’ve had discussions," Anderson said. "But I talk to Mack" Rhoades "a lot. I think that’s probably a fair question, but as far as me, I think that every coach is coaching for his job every day. The only day I ever really felt good — and I say really felt good — the only day that I felt like I was really safe was the day after we won the national championship at Central Missouri. I thought, ‘You know what, I’m probably going to be pretty good today. I’m OK today.’

"But then tomorrow you’ve got to go back to work again. So I think that’s the nature of a lot of coaches."

Mizzou Tigers pennant Spring football is approaching quickly

The Trib (David Morrison): Position Primer: Offensive Line

The Trib (David Morrison): Position Primer: Defensive Line

Junior Day came and went

PowerMizzou: Mizzou Junior Day Notebook

PowerMizzou: Larry Boyd nearly commits on junior day visit

PowerMizzou: Decision pushed back for Jaevon McQuitty

Mizzou Tigers pennant A split and a scary moment for #TeamStubble #12 @MizzouSoftball Posts 9-1 Run-Rule Victory Over Colorado State #12 @MizzouSoftball Splits Final Day at Mary Nutter Classic

Mizzou lost to Oregon on Saturday after leading comfortably. The game turned after Paige Lowary took a comebacker to the face.

That Lowary came back out to pitch was ridiculously amazing, but Oregon scored six runs in that inning to get back to within one, then tied the game in the next inning. Lowary probably shouldn't have still been out there, but from a long-term perspective, initial struggles might have been worth it for Lowary to get over any fears she may have had in the short-term. I guess.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Sweep! @MizzouBaseball Takes Opener vs. Hofstra, 12-2 @MizzouBaseball Tops Hofstra Behind Houck’s Complete Game @MizzouBaseball Completes Doubleheader Sweep of Hofstra @MizzouBaseball Sweeps Hofstra on Brumfield’s Walk-Off

Mizzou Tigers pennant The women's regular season ended with a dud #24 @MizzouWBB Falls to Vanderbilt in Regular Season Finale, 56-52

The Trib: MU women fall to Vandy; Tigers stumble into SEC Tournament

Post-Dispatch: MU women close regular season with a thud

The Missourian: No. 24 Missouri women's basketball shocked by Vanderbilt, 56-52

Mizzou Tigers pennant Another SEC champion Montgomery Clocks Top-15 World Ranking in the 400m Dash Montgomery Wins SEC Title with Top-Ten World Mark

Mizzou Tigers pennant Another "Highest Score Since..." for Gymnastics No. 16 @MizzouGym Notches Highest Road Score Since 2007 at Auburn