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If you're only going to attend 1 Mizzou game this year, Saturday's #RallyForRhyan's a good one

Here are today's Mizzou Links.

Mizzou Tigers pennant What's On

Basketball media day. #RallyForRhyan

Mizzou Basketball Media Day – KTGR

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As rough a season as it's been professionally for those on the Mizzou staff, the Rally for Rhyan is a pretty significant reminder of how rough a season it's been personally as well. If you're only going to attend one basketball game this year, Saturday's would be a pretty good one.

Back to the basketball side of things:

Post-Dispatch: MU's Anderson disappointed with latest discipline issue

As for the latest off-court incident, Anderson and others around the program have indicated that last summer Gant and Woods were randomly assigned two roommates for their four-person apartment, including Koran Ward, 19, the subject of the robbery investigation. Police raided the apartment Jan. 15 looking for electronics Ward allegedly stole during an armed home invasion Dec. 9. A fourth roommate also was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. [...]

"I don’t think (the players) knew these guys," Anderson said. "I’m sure they do now because they’ve lived with them. That’s something we always try to work out better. Obviously we didn’t know this or we would have encouraged them not to live there.

Seriously, that's when you know your program is completely snake-bitten. Two of your players are randomly assigned to live with a guy who ends up committing a home invasion ... and then police randomly find their drug paraphernalia while raiding the apartment because of him. That's almost funny.

I will say this, however: It would feel kind of crazy to me to suspend Gant and Woods for more than one game because of that.

The Missourian: Missouri basketball talks about discipline, final eight games

Anderson said Monday he is not sure whether sophomore forward Jakeenan Gant and junior forward Russell Woods will be back for Missouri's game against Vanderbilt on Wednesday. The team suspended Gant and Woods this past week after they were arrested Thursday on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia. Anderson said he would make a decision regarding the two players' statuses prior to Wednesday's game.

Anderson said he believes sophomore forward D'Angelo Allen will play against the Commodores. Allen missed the game against Alabama with strep throat.

The Trib (Steve Walentik): Suspended forwards' living arrangements lead to questions (and other notes)

Anderson was pleased with the performance of all three forwards — Kevin Puryear, Rosburg and walk-on Adam Wolf — in Saturday’s 80-71 loss to the Crimson Tide. The freshman Puryear scored a season-best 22 points. Rosburg had a career-high 17 and added seven rebounds, and Wolf played a season-high 12 minutes — two more than he’d played all season before Saturday — and grabbed three rebounds while putting himself in good positions. [...]

"I really want to shout out to Adam Wolf. Here’s a guy who’s a walk-on, does everything right, comes to practice every day, goes to class, plays on the scout team. He was in the right spot every time. Every time Adam Wolf was in the right spot. We talked about guarding something defensively. He was in the right spot. We talked about running something offensively. He was in the right spot. Now, he didn’t always stop the guy or make the shot, but he was always in the right spot, so I was happy for him because he comes every day and works hard."

And if you're into listening to some blogger talk about the team...

And it is pretty cool that Ryan Rosburg is finishing strong.

Mizzou Tigers pennant Women's golf up for a title in Orlando #23 @MUWomensGolf Takes Lead in Second Round of UCF Challenge

Mizzou Tigers pennant Shameless Plug

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