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NCAA Tournament 2016 bracket picks: Join the Rock M Nation Yahoo! contest

We're playing for pride ... just like Mizzou did this year!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Since we haven't had to clutter our brains with thoughts of Mizzou basketball in the postseason, I assume we've all studied up nicely on the 68 teams that did make the field (most of which even deserved a bid!). That means, I'm sure, that this year's Rock M Nation bracket pool will be loaded with great performances.

The official Rock M Nation Bracket Challenge is at this link on Yahoo!, and joining is very easy. You'll need an account on the website, and I believe that's about it.

There's no prize at stake beyond bragging rights, but that's enough, right? Right?

By the way, since I set this up this time around (instead of The Beef), you're getting some nerdy scoring. I selected the "Fibonacci with early round upset bonus" option. The summary: "Fibonacci scoring (2-3-5-8-13-21) with bonus points awarded for picking any upset correctly. Heavier bonus in the early rounds to encourage riskier brackets." I assume this means everybody will be picking Austin Peay to beat Kansas, and I'm okay with that.


(Full disclosure: Yahoo! is an SB Nation partner.)